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Best Nephrology & Kidney Transplant Hospital in Pune

Nephrology is a branch of medical science that deals with kidney diseases, And a kidney transplant is a surgical procedure where a healthy kidney is replaced with a deceased kidney. The kidney may come from a living donor or deceased donor. A kidney transplant is recommended when people have severe kidney dysfunction and cannot live […]

Which is the best hospital for Epilepsy Surgery in India?

Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent brain illnesses. In India, one out of every 200 persons suffers from this chronic neurological disease. It is believed that as many as 50 million individuals worldwide have epilepsy. The majority of people with epilepsy can be controlled with medication. However, this is not the case for everyone […]

What are the early signs and indications for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of dementia that progresses over time. A broader term for disorders produced by brain injuries or diseases that have a detrimental impact on memory, thinking, and behavior is Alzheimer’s disease. As individuals grow older, it is common for them to become a little forgetful. So, how do you determine the […]

Best Hospital in Ghaziabad for a Spinal Cord Tumor Treatment

A spinal tumor is a growth that forms within your spinal canal or your spine’s bones. A spinal cord tumor, also known as an intradural tumor, is a kind of spinal tumor that grows within the spinal cord or the sheath that surrounds it (dura). A vertebral tumor is a tumor that affects the spine’s […]

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