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shop for kurta pajama shoes

When markets are busier than usual, ethnic clothing stores are busier than expected, and mothers in the house have begun to panic about cleaning the entire house, you know festival season is approaching. Well, there’s all that stress about what to wear, especially to shop for kurta pajama shoes in this delightful season. We often focus too much on planning the dress we want to wear, the pants we want to wear, and the accessories we want to style it with. We often forget about the kurta pajama shoes. Getting kurta pajama shoes is a challenging task. In general, getting kurta pajama shoes for men is already difficult, but when the festive season is close by, buying kurta pajama shoes is even worse.

It is time to practice your Garba moves now that the holiday season has begun while you are still recovering from the good spirits of Ganpati and Onam. The upcoming months will be filled with zeal and vigour when it comes to ethnic and contemporary attire. Men and Women love to look good at the festival, so they wear their favourite traditional clothes with their favourite accessories and shoes to show that they like fashion and style. We have a few footwear to focus on this festive season. Especially some kurta pajama shoes that will be very comfortable. Kurta pajama shoes will be the first on our list for the men’s category! Let’s begin.


1. Leather Kolhapuris 

Kolhapuris can be worn with any traditional outfit and never go out of style. You can even wear them with your everyday casual outfits if you choose minimal and contemporary designs.

2. Criss Cross Leather Sandals

Because they also have an ankle strap, these sandals are a little more formal than slip-on sandals. These are ideal for you and any member of your family as a Diwali present. High-quality leather is present everywhere.

3. Sandals 

Although a good pair of closed-toe sandals are extremely difficult to come by, they are another excellent option for ethnic footwear. However, we believe these are one of the best pairs of shoes for any man’s holiday wardrobe. These can be worn for both big festivals like Diwali and smaller ones like “pooja” or “Bhai dooj.”


1. Golden Wedges 

You can wear a pair of wedge-heel sandals with gold, red, and brown patterns to celebrate the holiday season in style. With long, flowing anarkalis or straight-fitted churidar kurtas, the brocade and embroidery thread on the wedges add elegance to your outfit.

2. Juttis

No one can compete with the stunning and sophisticated juttis in the ethnic footwear category for women. Juttis are typically paired with a Patiala salwar suit, but the pattern of ethnic footwear for women is evolving over time. As a result, it’s no longer a big deal to pair your juttis with trendy, comfortable short kurtis or even with basic outfits for a boho-chic look.

So, these are our picks. Let us know if you like them!

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