The Best Fashion Tips to Flaunt Your Baby Bump in Style

Once you pass your first trimester, you will notice your belly beginning to grow. You will now not be able to wear your old clothes and will need a new wardrobe.

You will need clothes that will last you through the second trimester and another set for the last trimester. Just because you are getting larger, you need not wear large-size clothes. Maternity clothes can be expensive but invest in a few so that you look fashionable through your pregnancy.

You will automatically feel good about yourself. If any of your friends have old maternity clothes that are a bit fashionable, you can ask them to lend them to you.

The clothes you wear in the second trimester will be used even after you deliver, so buy a few nice ones as you will make good use of them. Buy clothes that are a bit stylish. Do not go in for the straight cuts and also go in for vibrant colors.

Tips to Build Your Maternity Wardrobe

Your pregnancy wardrobe should contain a pair of formal black trousers. Your clothes must fit well and not be too large. Let your body grow into them. You can also get a pair of high waist maternity jeans.

Buy shirts and tops that show more of your neckline and shoulders as that is where you will surely not gain weight. Maternity tops and tunics with an empire cut are ideal for pregnant moms.

These are fitted at the bust and then loosen up from below the bust line. Empire-cut dresses are also pretty and should be bought in solid colors, and this can be accessorized with a scarf.

Try and get clothes that are made of stretch material. Sometimes snug t-shirts that show your protruding belly looks lovely when worn with a straight-cut pencil skirt. The only important thing to remember is to wear pretty flat sandals rather than heels.

A good maternity wardrobe can make you look sexy and gorgeous throughout your pregnancy. Invest in clothes that make a style statement, and if this is your first pregnancy, there is always a chance of you using them again if you plan a second child.

Maternity Fashion According to Occasion

Any woman on the earth is entitled to do fashion at any stage of the life cycle, whether teen, in her thirties or her sixties. However, there comes a stage where carrying yourself comfortably is the most important aspect rather than being just fashionable – the pregnancy period.

However, “where there is a will, there is a way,” some well-known designers have designed hip-hop yet comfortable clothing for moms-to-be.

These designers have also defined fashion statements for expectant moms. Let’s list down some of the fashion stylings for expectant moms at different places.


With the growing tummy, you begin to feel uneasy and worry about what to wear and whatnot. However, one must confidently continue with the same style, boot cults, slim-leg and straight leg maternity bottoms (cotton or khakis), and full-length stretchable maternity pants for professional looks. You can even try corduroy pants with tummy straps attached to them for a seamless look.

You can pair these bottoms with button-front shirts with a smocked waist, and this will give you a professional look yet comfortable for your belly. These days, the button front jacket is also in trend made of Lycra fabric, and it looks stylish and comfortable due to its elastic texture.

#At Home or Day at the Park

Well, at home, you want to be at complete ease or go to nearby places you wish to look trendy yet comfortable. Suitable clothes for these hours are Bermuda shorts, roll-ups, wraps, casual apparel like maternity t-shirts and tees.

To be more stylish, one can also pair roll-ups with smocked-bottom satin t-shirts. Nothing can be as soft as a combination of cotton and satin. By the way, plus-size tee-shirts and slacks are also chic.

#Party Time or Evening Outing

Well, that’s the time you accompany your better half. Hence styling is necessary. Just choose some revealing t-shirts like tube t-shirts with wide embroidery bottoms, accompanied with shrugs. Sleeveless baby doll shirts with jeans jacket over it or tees with pleating and banded bottoms. As for bottoms, crops and capris or maternity shorts look pretty stylish.

All our life, we have just picked up whatever is available and in trend. But pregnancy is a special time where we have the right to choose sets for parties, outings, and home wear. These days’ stylish maternity clothes are available in online maternity stores, with plus-size maternity and nursing wear designed exclusively for overweight pregnant women. Although health is a priority, appearing presentable throughout nine months can be more fun with the right selection of clothes.

Reasons to Buy Maternity Clothes

The good thing about maternity clothes is that they are loose, bigger in size, and help cover up the tummy because of their long length. To take care of women’s comfort level, maternity pants are designed mostly without buttons. These are made of elastic to make them stretchable.

It is neither too tight and contains a stretchy panel to support the fit of the pant according to the body size. If you wear regular clothes, they do not fit anymore from the chest, hip, thigh, and belly area after some time because all these areas tend to increase in time of pregnancy because of additional fluids.

By wearing maternity clothes, the bone structure is not affected. While buying maternity clothes, one may get confused about the size, but this is not a problem. They come in the same size as your regular clothes, so you just need to ask for your size and enjoy wearing it.

By wearing them, you enjoy the comfort and look stylish as various designs are available in them. Also, comfy and supportive maternity bras meant for pregnant ladies make sure that the fluctuating size of the breast is taken care of in an intelligent manner.

It adjusts itself according to the size and is likely to increase during and after pregnancy as well. So do make sure that you buy some good maternity clothes and good ones that you can wear after the pregnancy.

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