Submission Guidelines

  • All articles to be submitted in uPublishArticles directory should be your own work or article contents you have legal rights to distribute. Content articles which have been renamed will be rejected.
  • You must own the sole copyright entity for every single article you will submit. It is possible to submit article content that a ghostwriter has created, but only you should have the exclusive right to use them.
  • Submitting article to uPublishArticles directory automatically impart us the legal rights to publish them. We can publish your article anywhere on our website. We can also distribute your article as syndication through RSS. 
  • We have the right to change as to where your article will appear and the category it will be found. However, we ensure that we will maintain the use of your articles in their original form; this includes using the resource box you have created so that you get credited as the author of such content.
  • Affiliate marketing web links aren’t permitted to be included in any of the article to be submitted in uPublishArticles directory. You are allowed to refer several web pages which will help the readers or you can link the article to your own personal web page. From there it is possible to redirect them to an online affiliate link if you wish.
  • You aren’t eligible to any sort of monetary earnings whenever you submit articles to uPublishArticles directory. You will not get any monetary funds from us or even from the other users of our directory.
  • There are certainly no guarantees and supports that any articles you submit will be included in uPublishArticles directory. Our directory has the right to decline any and all articles you submit for any reason.            
  • It is your own accountability to evaluate articles prior to deciding to submit them to make certain that the article contents spelling and grammar are all correct. Our directory is a human edited directory, articles that don’t contain appropriate sentence structure and spelling will be rejected by our moderators.
  • All articles submitted must be in minimum of 300 words.
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