5 Things that Parents Should Know About the School Admissions

As the admission season sets in, you will see anxious parents wondering which school to put their child in every year. After all, a school is where your child will spend the next 14 years of their life.

Every parent wants their little one to go to the best school. However, with multiple options around, it is not easy to make a decision. You often get influenced by factors like a huge campus, air-conditioned classes, and the latest technology. But, are these enough to ensure the all-around development of your child?

We will walk you through everything you need to know before school admission in Pune.

Check if the Teachers Are Skilled 

Most parents tend to ignore this point. But, teachers form the backbone of any school. It is with them that your child will spend most of their time.

Check the qualifications and experience of the teachers. Make sure if they follow an interactive teaching style. Moreover, the teachers should be kind and empathetic enough to understand the needs of every child.

Check if Learning is Restricted to The Classroom

Restricting learning within the four walls of the classroom stagnates your child’s growth. True learning happens when they relate what they are taught with things in real life. For that purpose, field trips, excursions, and fun activities are equally important.

Check how much time the school devotes to learning outside the classroom. That would lead to the overall development of your child.

Does the School Focus on Soft Skills?

Most schools only confine their curriculum to textbooks. But the truth is your little one requires soft skills also to succeed in life.

Communication skills, working in a team, problem-solving, dealing with stress and uncertainty are some crucial things that will help them in future.  Confirm whether the school focuses on them before admitting your child.

Ensure That The School Has A Safe Learning Atmosphere

When we talk about safety, we are referring to physical as well as emotional safety. The desks, benches, and playgrounds should be designed to protect your loved one from physical harm. Moreover, make sure that the school has zero-tolerance for corporal punishment.


The learning atmosphere should also be inclusive and emotionally safe for the students. Ask if the teachers encourage asking questions. How will your little one learn if they feel threatened, intimidated, or humiliated?

Check How the School Uses Technology

Most of the top schools in Pune have adopted smart classrooms and other devices. Technology indeed serves as an aid to enhance your child’s learning. However, is technology being overused to cover up the inefficiency of the teaching process?

Make sure that the teachers are well trained to guide your ward about the proper use of technology. Moreover, they should be well versed in their subject and make learning interesting for your child even without the use of technology. 

Final Word

GIIS Pune focuses on the holistic development of your tiny tot, making them ready to face the future. They cater to the needs of every single child so that their potential gets utilised to the fullest.

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