An Overview of Foreign Body Removal

Foreign body removal is a medical procedure that involves the nose removal of substances or objects introduced to your body accidentally. The implications may be lodged, inhaled, or swallowed. These objects may then find their way into your stomach, throat, ear, or get into soft tissues.

Most of the foreign body injections are reported from children. These substances can quickly go over the gastrointestinal tract without any complications and might not need surgery or endoscopic procedures. Keep on reading this article to learn more about foreign body removal.

What Causes the Foreign Substances in the Body?

The majority of children get foreign substances in their ears or noses. They insert these objects in these parts due to curiosity. Children can also swallow objects that can end up sticking in their airways. You can also find cases where both adults and children end up consuming things they were holding with their mouth, like nails or toothpicks.

An object swallowing disorder can also cause foreign objects to get into your body. The condition is a misbehaving condition that causes you to consume substances that have no nutritional value.

Pica is common in children and pregnant women. The condition may sometimes be fatal if you consume a poisonous substance, for instance, a detergent or metal. Some people may also want to stimulate themselves sexually and, therefore, end up inserting objects in their rectum, which ends up getting lodged in that area.

Symptoms of Foreign Objects in the Body

The symptoms of a foreign body are the location where the body is. The most common symptoms of foreign objects are;

  • The pain or discomfort can either be severe or mild
  • The nasal drainage may happen if the object was inserted over the nose
  • A thing that gets into the airway and causes choking symptoms like coughing or wheezing
  • Foreign substances can also cause breathing issues, especially if the item is blocking your airway.

When You Should Visit a Doctor for Foreign Body Removal Procedure

During the foreign body removal process, your doctor will remove an object that accidentally entered your body. Foreign bodies can enter different parts of the body. This includes your nose, mouth, eyes, stomach, finger, leg, breathing track, skin, and more other places.

You will require to find where the body is located in order. The foreign body might be injected or when you insert it. They may also find themselves accidentally in the body. Other objects might also pass through the digestive system successfully without causing any harm.

The treatment of a foreign body typically depends on what causes the blockage and where it is located.


As you have seen foreign body removal process is where the doctor removes an object that entered your body by accident. Many foreign bodies can be swallowed or injected. You can find these objects in the mouth, nose, ears, and stomach airway. Children commonly love to insert foreign bodies. For instance, they tend to copy other children while playing and insert objects in their bodies. The doctor will remove these objects from your body easily. This procedure is treatable.

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