Bhuchari Mudra

Bhuchari Mudra: Best for increasing memory and making the mind sharp.

We all know that meditation is a powerful medium not only for spiritual growth but also for mental health. That is why many yoga and meditation postures have been practiced since ancient times.

There are five main postures in Hatha Yoga. These five major currencies are Bhuchari, Khechari, Chanchari, Agochari, and Unmani. Sadhaks attain siddhi by awakening Kundalini through these mudras.

Today we are giving you information about Bhuchari Mudra. By doing this mudra, many types of physical and mental problems are destroyed.

By regularly practicing Bhuchari Mudra, it helps in enhancing memory and this asana is also good for sharpening the mind.

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Method of doing Bhuchari Mudra:

  • To do this asana, first of all, sit in the position of Sukhasana.
  • Keep in mind that the spine and waist should be straight in this posture.
  • After this, keep the palms facing upwards and then on the knees.
  • Feel comfortable in this state.
  • Now close the eyes and at the same time take a deep breath and exhale through the nose only.
  • Then raise one hand upwards and press the upper lip lightly with the help of the thumb.
  • In this, your palms should be facing down and the fingers should be exactly in line with the elbow.
  • After this, open your eyes and then try to look at your little finger.
  • Keep in mind that you do not have to blink your eyes in this.
  • Try that you can do this exercise for 10 minutes.
  • After that come back to your normal posture.


Limitations of Bhuchari Mudra:

  • People suffering from glaucoma should not practice this mudra.
  • Those with diabetic retinopathy or who have just undergone cataract surgery, lens implant, or other eye operation should not perform Bhuchri Mudra.
  • Always do Bhuchari Mudra only under the guidance of a competent teacher.


Benefits of doing Bhuchari Mudra:

There are many benefits of doing Bhoochari Mudra. It is said that the practice of this mudra develops concentration and memory power. It makes the mind calm and introverted. Bhoochari Mudra pacifies anger.


Physical benefits of doing Bhuchari Mudra:

  • On a physical level, Bhuchari Mudra strengthens the eye muscles.
  • It removes the tension in the areas around the eyes.
  • This mudra helps a lot in rejuvenating the dead cells of the eyes.
  • Many problems related to the eyes can be relieved by the practice of Bhuchari Mudra.
  • If you do regular practice of Bhuchari Mudra, then it makes your life long.
  • This mudra gives you the boon of long life.
  • By doing this mudra, new neurons are generated in our body. Which helps us to get rid of diseases.
  • By doing Bhuchari mudra, immunity develops.


Mental benefits of doing Bhuchari Mudra:

  • On a mental level, Bhuchari Mudra calms the mind by removing emotional tension and anger.
  • Its regular practice increases mental concentration.
  • This mudra brings mental stability and a state of thoughtlessness.
  • Regular practice of Bhuchari Mudra prevents the degeneration of the pituitary gland.
  • Very good exercise to balance the emotional development of children (whose age is above 8 years).


Spiritual Benefits of doing Bhuchari Mudra:

  • Its practice is the most effective way to open the Agya Chakra in a short time.
  • Regular practice of Bhuchari mudra activates your Agya Chakra.
  • When the Agya Chakra is awakened, the sleeping powers within us are awakened.
  • It awakens the powers or strengthens the spiritual activities.
  • With the regular practice of Bhuchari Mudra, the mental powers become quite active.
  • So that you can make maximum use of your brain capacity.


Disadvantages of doing Bhuchri Mudra:

If Bhoochari Mudra is not done properly, then there can be loss instead of benefit. Which is very important to know about. Bhuchari Mudra has a direct effect on our brain and eyes. Sometimes by doing this mudra, the problem of severe pain in our brain and eyes also starts. Therefore, the practice of this mudra should be done carefully and slowly. If the force is forced then it can cause severe damage to the eyes. Along with this, mental damage can also occur. That is why the practice of Bhuchari Mudra should be done only under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher.

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