Choose An Effective Domain Name URL For Your Website

If we find ourselves together on this page, perhaps you are at the dawn of creating your website or your blog and asking yourself a few questions. Many rushes to reserve their site name and may regret it afterward because many points must be taken seriously. Others completely block on this task. Whether to present your company, create e-commerce, or federate an active community and develop your traffic around a blog, you are at the beginning of your story on the web. As soon as you have identified your strategy, the type of content you will put online, you must take care of your domain name before even working on the site’s design.

The Rules To Follow In Choosing The Right Domain Name

Good Web Address: Simplicity

The idea may sound absurd to you, yet it’s the #1 rule for a domain name that makes sense to your readers. Your address should be easy to remember and type into a search engine. If your target does not recognize your web address easily because it is too long, too complex, or unpronounceable, there is little chance that he will be able to come back to you.

Your Web Address Must Meet The Expectations Of Internet Users

If you offer a graphic design service, try to choose a term that responds to requests from Internet users looking for your service. It may not be very creative, but it is, despite everything, simple and effective.

Can Your Business Evolve And Expand?

Then pay attention not to refine your keywords too much, and therefore your web address, so it is always credible for a more comprehensive activity.

Can Your Site Go International In The Future? 

Then remember to take the .com extension and reserve those countries you could consider. Also, watch out for bad translations.

Help, My Domain Name Is Already Taken! What Can I Do?

After days and days of research, you have finally found THE domain name you need. It speaks to Internet users, it is short, relevant, and practical, it will satisfy Google’s robots, and that’s the tragedy! Your web address is already taken.

About URL

URLs have a direct impact on your SEO. Optimizing them is essentially part of the best practices for your natural referencing that we recommend as an SEO agency. They improve the user experience and substantially impact your positioning since search engines give them great importance. By optimizing your URLs, you guarantee yourself certain credibility in the eyes of Google and Internet users since they will be visible everywhere! Yes, each time someone shares your pages or visits your site, your URLs will be visible to everyone. Changing a URL is not easy, so it’s in your best interest to optimize them as soon as you create your pages. Writing optimized URLs is a vital SEO stat to consider for your SEO strategy.

How To Modify Or Create A URL?

By definition, a URL, Uniform Resource Locator, corresponds to the address of a site on the Internet. Each page has its URL. A URL is divided into several parts:

  • The Protocol: “http://” is the best-known protocol, but other protocols exist.
  • The Domain Name:
  • The Path: A sequence will allow access to a specific page. All pages on your site start with the same protocol and domain name, but the approach will be different.

You can contact JDM Web Technologies. Their experts will be happy to help you with your online strategy and, in particular, optimize your URLs.

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