Essential Hair Fall Control Oil for Hair Growth and Reduce Hair Fall

Fragrance-rich Onion are not only good for health, but their use for hair and skin has always been considered beneficial. Rich in antioxidants, beta carotene and proteins, these leaves prevent hair fall and thinning.

They are also rich in amino acids that help keep hair healthy and strong. Onion are useful in curing many hair problems and with regular use it is possible to get long, thick black hair. Let us know in which ways you can use Onion-

Use Onion to Increase Hair Growth

To increase hair growth, use a hair pack of fenugreek and amla with fresh Onion. For this, grind green fenugreek and fresh gooseberry pulp with fresh Onion and make a pack in the hair. Use water in the grinder if needed.

Leave this paste on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash the hair with normal or lukewarm water. There is no need to shampoo the hair after this hair pack as this pack is not sticky at all. If fresh fenugreek or amla is not available, you can use dry fenugreek or amla powder instead.

It Is Also Effective in Hair Loss

The antioxidants present in Onion strengthen the hair and prevent it from falling. Apart from this, it strengthens the hair from the root by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp. For this, heat coconut oil and add 12 to 15 Onion to it and let it crackle until the outer part of the leaves starts turning black. And in case you have time shortage you can use Hair Fall Control Oil which not just only save your time but also very effective.

Now let the oil cool down. When the oil becomes lukewarm, massage the scalp with it and apply on the hair. Filter this oil and store it and apply it twice a week.

Gives Shine to Hair

Make a paste by mixing egg yolk and curd with the paste of ground Onion. After keeping this paste in the hair for 30 minutes, wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Controls Dandruff

If you have excessive dandruff in your hair, then to deal with it, grind Onion and mix curd in it and prepare a paste of it. Leave this paste on the entire scalp. Wash the hair after half an hour. Or use mamaearth dandruff shampoo, this onion shampoo price is worth the cost and must use for dandruff.

Keeps Hair Black

Onion do not allow hair to turn gray quickly, so it should be used regularly. Applying a paste of fresh Onion with henna makes hair look both strong and beautiful.

If You Want to Do Deep Conditioning of Hair
You can prepare a conditioning pack for hair by adding a little coconut oil or egg to a paste of Onion and henna. Yogurt, honey, liquor made from tea leaves can also be mixed in this paste.

Use This for Healthy Strong Hair

Make a paste by grinding Onion. Add onion juice to it and it is not too thin, for this make a paste by adding fenugreek powder, amla powder or henna to it. Apply it on the hair and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Use Curry Leaf Juice for Massage

Grind Onion and sieve them. Massage the hair with the juice coming out of it and wash the hair after some time.

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