Home Maintenance Tips by Scott DiSarno

When we talk in the real estate sense, Scott DiSarno expresses home maintenance to be a very important technique for increasing the market value of the house when comes to the question of putting it up for sale.  A well maintained, well-equipped house always have a longer life and higher value in sales.

Scott DiSarno has put forth a few tips on maintenance of a home which lift up the market value of the house and also cast a positive impact on the living of the owner with better living and smoother days in the house.

  1. Walls of the house says a lot:

Chipped, broken, leaking, rotted and worn out walls display very negative energy and the beauty of the house is compromised. Scott DiSarno advises the homeowners to look for signs of peeling or chipped walls and get a fresh coat or touch up to the walls without fail. Rotted walls make the house look older and worn out than it actually would be. Leaking walls needs immediate fixing. Painting the exterior of the house from time to time would not only turn it into a younger-looking one but also extends the lifespan of the walls and improve its market value.

  1. Plumbing in check paves a smooth way:

Since it’s quite obvious that plumbing is a very essential way in leading a smoother everyday life, keeping a regular eye and professional check on the pipelines, taps, sinks, basins, chimney and any leakage whatsoever is what Scott DiSarno pushes the homeowner a little harder on. A plumbing issue can be stressful land annoying for everyday activities. Scott DiSarno states that whenever a potential buyer is on a house hunt, the major focus he has on is the electricity and water supply of the house, this clearly demonstrates the importance of smooth water supply in the house. As far as smoothness of the water supply is concerned, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of like-  Signs of leakage, replacing of worn-out taps with quality ones, regular professional check on blockage of pipelines, once in a while routine plumber visit is also a good step.

  1. Check for working  smoke detectors and chimneys:

Smoke detectors and working chimneys are very essential for smooth everyday living. Scott DiSarno considers the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors and chimneys to be a crucial part of the home. Regular cleaning of the chimney is very important to prevent health hazards related to cooking and choking on smoke.

  1. Say No to the Unnecessary Collection of Water:

Scott Disarno emphasises deeply the easy drainage of water. Water should not get collected in the lawn, roof or even attic of the house. Collection of rainwater or pipe water on the roof elevates the chances of leakage of the roof and pipe water standing still wear out the wall on the outside of the house. Scott Disarno emphasis the owner to keep a regulated check on it and seek professional fixing and so does happen.

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