How can you identify a Stalker to Fight against Stalking in India?

Is there someone following you? Are you being followed on social media and in public places? Everyone should not tolerate stalking. It is unacceptable to be followed by someone. While Indian stalking laws don’t consider gender, any person can be a victim of it. Further reading will provide insight into stalking and the options available to victims.

What is Stalking exactly?

You are committing the crime of stalking if you continue to behave in a certain way towards someone who sees them as unwanted. It’s a crime that involves following or spying illegally on somebody, either via electronic media or physically. It can lead to physical or mental harm, fear, distress, or even death.

Even though you can’t take on a stalker, you can at least try to look at them from their perspective. It is possible to recognize their motives and methods and be able to contact the right people sooner if you do. It is possible to get the help of professional services such as Private Investigators. They will share their expertise and knowledge so you can protect yourself before it is too late.

Here are some ways to recognize a stalker:

Stalking, even though it appears to be harmless, can become aggressive and passive-aggressive. Here are some ways you can identify a stalker.

It could be someone you know.

According to statistics, stalkers are someone you likely know more than 80 % of all the time. Be alert for these signs. Look out for signs that someone may be following you when you’re going to work, or returning home. Do not follow the same route every day, if you can.

I Will attempt to instill fear into you

A stalker’s main goal is to scare and intimidate you. They might try to prove their power by their actions. They will seek to increase your proximity to you. But, don’t be afraid to call for help when you feel threatened. Do not wait to be physically hurt by him

You may get frequent calls or messages.

This shouldn’t be surprising. The stalker may make every effort to contact you, either physically or via the virtual world. You could also be receiving constant calls and messages. One other sign is that you see the same person whenever you’re traveling alone.

What to do when you are stalked

  • Women must use technology to defend themselves. This means clicking an image of the stalker, taking screenshots of the messages, and posting them on social networks
  • Keep security apps, such as the Hawk-Eye of Telangana police, on your home screen. Enable their emergency features.
  • The number to the local police station should be saved on your cell phone. Call someone immediately if you are spooked by someone following your movements.
  • Make a loud noise if you are approached by someone who is trying to forcefully contact you or makes lewd remarks. Get as many people around you to support you.

Stalkers will do just about anything to keep their subjects safe. They know that their methods will not be accepted by the public so they can keep their distance and stay on the right path. They may choose to present themselves under a different name, or they might not reveal any personal information.

In some cases, stalkers may be cruel and hurt their targets or snatch them. Stalkers are common characters that you will see on many TV shows and movies. They are often far from the reality they portray on-screen. They make great television but they can also be harmful, risky, and even downright shady. This is especially true if they don’t stop stalking.

Don’t try to solve the stalker’s problem by yourself. You’ll end up harming yourself, or worse, doing exactly their will. To ensure your safety and security, you can hire a private detective agency in Chandigarh to help with legal issues.

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