How to Know Your Website Needs A Facelift?

Like everything else in the universe, websites also have an age span and age limit. Your website is not just a one-time investment that will pay you back for decades. However, you need to make regular investments after a specific time to make sure your website functions efficiently and keep on increasing your return on investment.

One such investment is the maintenance task of a website facelift. In general terminology, facelift means giving a lively look to the facial features and removing the signs of aging. The website facelift is quite similar as you need to improve the visuals and performance of the website, so it is updated according to the modern standards and expectations of the users. To accomplish all of this, it is critical to know the right timing so that you do not lose on your users.

Keep scrolling down this article in-depth to explore how to know your website needs a facelift.

Top 6 Signs Your Website Requires a Facelift

Regular maintenance of the website is one of the most critical tasks that the website owners need to perform on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Although website facelifts are an important part of the maintenance process, if you still miss addressing the issues, you can spot the critical signs and cater to the needs of your website later on.

Here are some of the major signs that your website requires a facelift.

Lack of Responsive Web Design

The basic and most critical sign that your website requires a facelift is the lack of a responsive web design. If your website does not support a responsive design, you are bound to lose your website traffic as it will negatively impact the user experience and make them quit the website. Many website owners hire the service of website maintenance Dubai and ensure their websites have responsive web design, which is a solution you can also explore.

Poor Search Engine Rankings

One of the most alarming signs that your website requires a visual facelift is when it starts getting poor search engine rankings. If your website is not updated and not able to offer quality service to the users, they will quit using it. This, in turn, will lead to poor search engine rankings. However, you can ensure proper maintenance and facelift to revive your search engine rankings and stay on top of the search results.

High Bounce Rate

Another critical sign that your website is in dire need of a facelift is experiencing a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is when the users come to your website and close it without exploring the page or other pages on your website. In other words, if the users spend almost five seconds on your site and close it, you will get a high bounce rate. So, make sure to give your website a facelift to avoid such issues.

Outdated Content

Another important sign that it is time to give your website a facelift is outdated content. Outdated content means information or knowledge that is not reliable or of use anymore. If your website does not offer this, there is no point for the users to explore your site. This is a basic maintenance task, and if you do not know how to maintain a website, you can always rely on experts’ support. Ensure the content on your website is updated and not outdated to offer valuable information to the users.

Slow Site Speed

The most common sign that your website needs a facelift is the slow site speed. The website should load in less than two seconds to keep the users engaged.  If it takes more time, the users will lose interest and start exploring the website of your competitors. So, you should never ignore poor site speed as a petty issue and make sure to improve it and give your site the much-needed facelift that will increase your user traffic.

Poor Mobile Functioning

Lastly, the most crucial sign that it is high time to give your website a facelift is the poor mobile functioning. Almost more than ninety percent of the user traffic of websites comes from mobile users. So, your website must ensure mobile-friendliness in order to provide quality service to your user and grow your website traffic. You can hire experts to ensure your website offers smooth mobile functioning.

Give your website a facelift and see the difference!

If your website is experiencing any of these signs, it is high time that you take action and give your site the needed facelift. Contact the professional now and get perfect maintenance to your website and see the difference in your user traffic and profitability.

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