In-Source Vs. Outsource Call Center Costs: A Comparison

It has become highly important for businesses and organizations to cut extra costs that create trouble for them. A business needs to invest in ensuring its connections with its potential targets to keep generating new customers. But during these processes opting for the bad options always increase the costs for a business.

For reaching these potential targets scattered in different markets, a business usually has two options. One is to own a team that will be an internal part of a business, and the other is to outsource the services. Due to several justifications and reasons, outsourced services turn out to be more affordable and effective. But the actual debate begins when it comes to the cost of these services and the impact of these efforts on the targets.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the cost differences and comparisons between insourcing and outsourcing call agents and services.

Top 6 Cost Factors That Prove Call Center Outsourcing The Best

A business or organization has many ways and methods to reach its targets and communicate with them. But these businesses need to reach their targets through affordable means and channels. Outsourcing these services have always been affordable and effective when compared with insourced services.

Below are some of the comparisons between insourced and outsourced services.

Daily wages vs. payments on service

When you insource a team and hire them to perform in-house call center operations, you need to pay the employees or the agents monthly or weekly wages. Such payments turn out to be very costly in comparison to when you outsource. You do not have to pay daily wages for the services you get from these outsourced teams. You will pay them the amount for the services they have served and for the time they have contributed. Such outsourced services turn out to be affordable for many. That is why people seek the services of call center outsourcing companies in Dubai instead of insourced teams and employees.

Technical purchases Vs. no extra costs

When you are hiring a team or a representative, you must make sure that you have the right technical support in your organization. Without the use of modern tools and techniques, the effectiveness of your calls will not be impressive, and you have to compromise on your service quality. Not every business or organization can afford to install these technical tools and techniques. But when you outsource call center services, you do not have to worry about the technical purchased and installation costs; all these services will be included in their service policy.

Quality compromises vs. customer experiences

The quality of services offered depends upon how active and creative your call center agents are. Insourced teams are usually less productive and creative when compared with outsourced representatives. Having less creative and effective agents always leads to quality compromises. On the other hand, the outsourced agents are highly creative and competitive in what they do; such competitiveness always leads to better conversations. These conversations between an agent and a target always lead to a successful meeting between the business for further discussions.

Workforce accommodation costs Vs. No accommodation

When you are hiring extra members and insource such services, you have to expand your accommodation space. It is very important that you have much space in your office or building to accommodate new staff and employees. On the other hand, in outsourcing, you do not need to spend any amount on the accommodation cost of the people you are acquiring services from.

Compensation and bonuses costs vs. No compensation costs

To keep the morale and motivation higher, you have to give incentives and bonuses to your insourced teams. These may include health benefits, conveyance costs, insurance costs,  paid leaves, childcare, and other things. Whereas, when you outsource a call center company, you do not have to offer them any such compensations and bonuses to boost their morale and motivation towards their jobs. Which is why many business and organizations find outsourcing more convenient and less expensive.

Non-effective performances Vs. quality services

The probability of positive outcomes and responses with insourced teams and representatives is very slow and time-consuming. Because their performances and methods of dealing with the targets are ineffective, this ineffectiveness becomes a burden and extra cost for many businesses.  The people you hire to reach your targets must be effective performers so that your business or organization can do better. On the other hand, outsourced call companies provide quality services through their expertise. 

Better to outsource these services!

After the previously mentioned comparisons, one thing is out of the debate that outsourcing call center companies are affordable and more productive as compared to insourced services. So, make sure you are outsourcing the right and professional companies and their services to reach your targets successfully.

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