Top 10 tips for choosing a WordPress theme for your site

Choosing the right WordPress theme is a tricky job as there are plenty of options available in the market. Not only are there paid WordPress themes, there are so many free WordPress themes also you may choose among for your website. Each different WordPress theme caters to different purposes. The reachability of your website depends on the WordPress theme. Choosing the wrong WordPress themes can be disadvantageous for your website. So that you need to consider the purpose first for why you need a WordPress theme. Therefore you may hire a WordPress developer to assist you in choosing the right WordPress theme for your website. Check here the useful content for hire top dedicated WordPress developers.

  1. Always go for the simplicity

Remember that a WordPress theme that is over-designed, staffed in lots of visual effects is not effective in grabbing the attention of your target audience. The purpose of a WordPress theme is to help visitors to find out their requirements at your website. So, a theme that is over complicated, burdened with a complex layout is not a good one to give you an effective result. As the visitors don’t find this type of theme useful due to too much flashy animation or its inappropriate color combination. Therefore, choose a WordPress theme of a style that is able to attract visitors leading to fulfilling your goal.

  1. Choose a responsive theme

Make sure that you have a responsive WordPress theme that is easily able to be adjusted according to the different screen sizes of the different devices. Most people prefer using mobile phones for the maximum time as it is easily portable. All websites, regardless of their topics or graphical representation, must be responsive and totally mobile-friendly. Therefore, remember that your chosen WordPress theme must be mobile-friendly so that the visitors find it suitable to read out the content of your website. Mobile and other handheld devices generate a large amount of online traffic. Make certain that the theme you select for your website is mobile-friendly and most of all with an excellent user interference (UI) to drive maximum traffic to your website.

  1. Competence to run on different browser

Your visitors may utilize a variety of browsers. Though your theme may appear to be excellent in the browser you’re using, it could be broken in other browsers. Browser compatibility plays another vital factor of consideration here. Nowadays most WordPress theme developers use advanced browser compatibility testing tools to thoroughly evaluate their themes. To hire a WordPress theme developer for your project checks out useful content for hire top dedicated WordPress developer. The developers assist you to make your chosen WordPress theme accessible on your visitors’ browser. Besides, you may do some basic tests to see if the theme works in multiple browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. So don’t forget to test your selected WordPress theme with various browsers.

  1. Consider WordPress Plugins

Plugins play a vital factor while choosing a WordPress theme for the website. WordPress plugins act as the true power of WordPress. You can accomplish anything with your WordPress site due to these plugins. Though there are so many WordPress plugins available, some are essential for all websites including Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, etc. These are popular in the market. Ensure whether your WordPress theme is compatible with all these popular plugins. If you face difficulties to become ensured, you need to hire a WordPress theme developer for your website to run effectively.

  1. WordPress theme must be Multilingual

Language also plays a big factor in considering your WordPress theme as the suitable one. Visitors prefer to read out your content in their preferred language. A huge percentage of WordPress sites are not in English. So you may build a website in a language other than English keeping in mind the demand of your target audience. Therefore you need to proceed with future intentions to construct a multilingual WordPress site. So, make sure your WordPress theme is ready for translation and those multilingual WordPress plugins are supported.

  1. Consider page builder

Page builders are WordPress plugins that allow users to drag and drop page layouts. Page builders remain pre-installed in many premium WordPress themes. Some of these page builders remain only available to that theme’s developer. In that case, you need to hire an expert WordPress theme developer to build your website effectively. Using a page builder like this to construct landing pages can result in a lot of extra code. If you change the theme, you will have a lot of work to do to clean up those pages. Therefore, choose themes that come pre-installed with one of the most popular page builder plugins. These page-builders are also available individually for usage with different themes.

  1. There must be a support option when you require help

The support option is often required when you need some help regarding your WordPress theme. Unfortunately, using a free WordPress theme is disadvantageous if there is no support option. Though some developers offer good support for their free themes, the majority of free themes do not. Therefore, make sure that you choose a WordPress theme incorporated with a support option. You’ll have to work it out on your own if you mess up your WordPress theme. You can also find yourself paying a third-party developer to fix minor issues. Maybe that doesn’t permit your budget as you have to spend unexpectedly. Maximum commercial WordPress themes come with an extensive documentation facility and a year of email-based support. So ensure that your selected WordPress theme is one of them.

  1. The WordPress theme must be SEO friendly

A WordPress theme is vital for the SEO friendliness of the website. Even a nice-looking theme might produce badly constructed HTML, which can harm your site’s search engine rankings. Beginners may find it challenging to evaluate a theme’s source code on their own. As a result, many premium WordPress theme developers are there to offer you SEO-friendly WordPress themes. You can also use the W3C Markup Validation Service to check whether the page generates correct HTML5 to ensure the good SEO ranking of your website. You need to keep in mind that the W3C tool will output numerous warnings, but none of which are cause for your concern except the bad SEO ranking. So, as a beginner, if you feel confused to choose the best WordPress theme for your website you need to consult with your WordPress theme developer mentioning your requirements.

  1. Consider customer ratings and reviews

The ratings and reviews left by users are very much good indicators of a WordPress theme’s quality. Customer reviews will appear if the theme is offered on a third-party marketplace.

The rating area for free WordPress themes may be found just below the download button. The number of reviews and stars supplied by users also become displayed there. Once you click on 5 stars, it will take you to a page with all of the 5-star reviews for the theme. All this feedback can be helpful to decide the right WordPress theme for your website. Thus after analyzing all the ratings and reviews you need to choose your favorite WordPress theme fulfilling your goal.

  1. WordPress theme needs to be updated regularly

A WordPress theme that does not offer regular updates is not a well-maintained one. Updating the WordPress theme is beneficial for security issues, fixing bugs, and getting newly incorporated advanced features. So if you have a WordPress theme that doesn’t offer updates or ask for updates once every 2-3 years, it is not effective to run your website successfully. There might be a chance of missing modern features, advanced safety measures and it can’t cope with your competitors. So make sure that you have chosen the right WordPress theme with regular update notifications for your website.

These are top 10 tips you need to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your website. It may be a free or paid WordPress theme, make sure that it is the best one according to your needs. There are so many WordPress themes that are launched regularly. Hope from now on you won’t feel confused choosing the right one for your business. To hire the best WordPress theme developer for your website visit here, useful content for hire top dedicated WordPress developer

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