What are the Best Custom Software Development Companies in New York City 2021?

The software development market a few years back had an entirely different scenario compared to what it is now. This time the software industry is touching at a rise steeply speed with commonly altering tendencies, developing cutting edge technologies, high-tech inventions, top-notch talent, and so on. To stay pertinent, businesses at present are enthusiastically accommodating varying trends of the digital market, and software development firms are helping to it.

FATbit Technologies

Being a noticeable name in the e-Commerce industry, FATbit Technologies is a prominent custom software development company that utilizes swift policy to develop extremely efficient software. In the year 2021, Clutch also conferred FATbit as one of the World’s Top 100 software development companies. Technologies they are dealing with like PHP, LAMP, MERN, MODE, Java, JS, Laravel, Kotlin, and Swift, FATbit has a whole experience of over 18 years in the industry of software development.

Expertise in:

Custom software development

E-Commerce development

Agile development

MVP, CRM, and ERP Development

Mobile applications Development

Digital marketing


Having 1600+ multiscale experts of in-house team and12 offices disseminated in different cities transversely the world, Eleks is the top custom software development company nowadays. It is measured as the finest partner of pick for several of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups. They aid businesses go faster their values over custom software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services. Check-out now, they have provided around 650+ end-to-end projects, 100+customer accounts, and a net organizer score of 66.

Expertise in:

Custom Software and Application Development

Product Design and Development

PoC Development and Feasibility Study


Security Advisory Services


It is a 17 years old custom software development company devising 587+ customs, accomplished 1285 projects, and serving in more than 69 countries. They have a skilled and proficient squad devoted to leveraging technologies comprising Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, things of the Internet, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. They deliver IT consultation and software solutions to their customers that are tailored keeping the business purposes in mind. A3logics squad tends to provide the best IT consultations and software solutions that will aid consumers to improve the business.

Expertise in:

Blockchain Solutions

Website Development

CRM Solutions

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile App Development

United Infotech

Unified Infotech is a Reward Winning technology firm working with global Enterprises, and SME’s. It offers end-to-end solutions for custom-tailored software, web and mobile apps. They aid clients to go faster with their business effectiveness through the mixture of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies. Unified Infotech is your perfect technology partner for providing inventive and impactful digital solutions.

Expertise in:

Custom Software Development

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Ecommerce Development


Since 1999, Inflexion has been providing software development and related IT services. They have a clientele of 500+ customers serving 850+ skilled software professionals to provide high-quality solutions. Iflexion is dedicated to delivering maximum value to our clientele to support them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging business world. They leverage a large knowledge base to deliver solutions that encounter clients’ requirements, business, and budget expectations. Their major concern is not just to offer the best software solutions but also devoted to meeting consumer essentials and support them in growing their business desires today and tomorrow.

Expertise in:

Enterprise mobile apps


Business Process Automation

Web and mobile development


OpenGeeksLab is a member of the IT Ukraine Association and takes an active role in information technologies development in our country and signifies the district beyond its borders. Clutch has listed them as a top B2B firm.  We will generate your brand individuality with an eminently crafted visual strategy to exploit all prospects for your business development.

Expertise in:

Custom Software Services

Mobile App Development

Web Development


7EDGE is a custom app development company allowing the digital revolution of brands and businesses. Over the last 10 years, they have been an essential part of more than 500 web and mobile application projects. 7EDGE’s with its modified engagement models allow fast and effective delivery anyplace in the globe.

Expertise in:

Cloud technology consulting

Digital marketing consulting

Big data


Artificial Intelligence


The Software House

The Software House is an 8 years old custom software development company that is acknowledged by Clutch. They have 170 specialists serving 150 customers and deliver 200+ custom software development projects. The firm aids CTOs, Product Owners, and businesses of all types who want to develop a top-notch product or scale up their development teams.

Expertise in:

On-demand agile development teams

Full-cycle product design & development

Modern software architecture

Cloud adoption & engineering


Fingent is a top-notch custom software development company for the last 16+ years and has provided around 700+ projects for customers across 4 continents, and has offices crossways the US, UAE, Australia, and India. They are a global partner of Odoo and a partner of K2 for the US area. Fingent assisted Johnson and Johnson to develop their efficiency by 50%. NEC decrease their resource wastage by 50%, and Sony upsurge worth addition of their projects to 300%.

Expertise in:

Custom software development

Enterprise software development

Product development

Web application development

Cloud application development


SoftCircles, LLC is US based Custom Software Development Company in New York, working for ground-breaking revolution in IT industry by introducing novelty in apps. They accomplished more than 200+projects today and has several user supported each day. SoftCircles benefits custom build, launch, and scale robust digital products that create new revenues and boost greater outcomes.

Expertise in:

Custom Software Development

Mobile App Development

Web Development

QA and software test services

Web portals

CRM systems

Final Considerations

When it comes to custom software development, businesses should always desire nothing but the best. All these custom software development companies enlisted have earned good ratings on review sites and data-driven platforms. They have worked with global consumers and build world-class software. You can get up and go through their portfolios, industry experience, and technical information in the market to make a wise decision. Make sure to check all the firms on several features comprising their experience, expertise, and policy.

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