What Birthday Gifts Do Fans Send to their Favorite K-Drama and K-Pop Stars?

Every moment spent together is special for celebrities and their fans. Project premiers, concerts, fan meetings, shows online and offlines, social media interactions, all these are cherished by the stars and their supporters that make them shine brighter. These occasions are great opportunities for them to meet and greet each other personally and even virtually. These are the times when artists are working hard and are grateful at the same time as they keep making people rooting for them happy.

In return to the many ways these celebrities inspire others, their fans also work hard to make their favorite artists feel loved in so many ways regardless of whether or not their faves see and know them by their individual names. If you are a superfan of one or more stars in whatever field in showbiz, arts and entertainment, you will understand this.

To be specific, fans of Korean stars (be it actors, actresses, entertainers, hosts, singers, dancers, groups, soloists and more) do a lot of colorful efforts to appreciate and advertise their beloved artists. Yes, they may not be their parents or their celebrity management company, yet they buckle down like they are. Not to mention, every artist or group has an impressive number of fanbases in various sizes as well. And every one of those fanbases want to give their faves something on their special days.

In this piece, you will find out about what fans usually send or make happen as birthday gifts for their dearest K-stars! Particularly, the focus is on local and international fanbases of South Korean celebrities because this ‘gifting’ culture is much more popular and celebrated within this stretch. If you’re a K-drama and/or K-pop fan, you already know and grasp what this is all about. Meanwhile, if you’re not, then you’ll probably be surprised and amazed, too, at how birthdays of K-celebs are celebrated by their fans through the presents they make and send to them!

Below are different birthday gifts fans send to their favorite K-drama and K-pop stars!


SONG YUNHYEONG from the international Kpop boy group iKON, with one of his birthday cakes from fans for his 26th birthday. (Photo credit: iKON SONG’s Official Twitter account)

Well, the most obvious of all are cakes. They are the major signifiers that someone is celebrating his/her birthday. Fans do not simply buy and send just any cake. They have it personalized in the cutest and more beautiful ways! One of the common cake styles include a miniature or a chibi version of the icon. That and more custom styles make every birthday cake delivered to their favorite artists extra awesome and super exclusive!


ROWOON from FNC Entertainment’s multi talented boy group SF9, with the food truck sent by his senior actor Lee Jehoon in support of his first major role in a drama, Extraordinary You. (Photo credit: SF9 ROWOON’s Official Instagram account)

You may say it’s traditional. Coffee trucks and food support are often sent to K-actors and actresses on their birthdays. Actually, not only fans but also fellow stars who are friends with them send these. What’s more, not only on birthdays but also when the actors are filming dramas, their fans send these coffee trucks to their filming locations.

Food support packages are also sent, if not to their filming site, directly to their celebrity management company. The food and drinks come with stickers, labels, cup sleeves and wrappers designed and printed with the stars’ faces and short birthday greetings. These coffee trucks and food sets are so heartwarming because they are not only for the stars celebrating their birthdays but also for their family and the staff helping them.


KOO JUNHOE from the award-winning Kpop boy group iKON, wearing a gift from his fansite Ahope. (Photo credit: Twitter account @junhoejackson)

Many say that K-celebrities don’t need any more branded garments because they can buy themselves these expensive things. Nonetheless, their fans love giving them designer clothes such as shirts, hoodies, pants, workout outfits and also bags and shoes! Fans chip in any amount to be able to buy them. They really are not asking for anything in return, but when they see that the artists wear the clothes they give, of course, fans are so delighted!

You might not believe it, but some fan bases also send branded undergarments as presents. That goes to show that some also just really care that their favorite artist has something to use daily, even when they (the gifters) don’t actually see that they use their gifts. It’s just pure concern and love.


Actor LEE MIN HO, with countless gifts from fans for his 33rd birthday. (Photo credit: Lee Min Ho’s Official Instagram account)

Not only female celebs but also male artists receive loads of bouquets of flowers from their fans. Take note that these are not simple and plain bunches but extravagant ones! You will see some of the most uniquely arranged flower bouquets from fans’ birthday presents.

There are huge fresh flowers placed inside big balloons, elegant boxes and posh baskets. When fans send them to the celebrity management company, a wide part of the office surely turns into a garden-like space because of the unending entrance of flower bouquets from various fanbases! That’s even just for one artist celebrating his/her natal day!


For iKON’s Leader B.I: A Letter Project for Our Kim Hanbin’ by Charisma B.I Philippines in 2019 (Photo credit: Official Twitter Account @CharismaBIph)

Interacting with each other is dear to both K-drama and K-pop stars and their fans, however, it’s not very easy. Aside from having innumerable supporters, the public figures cannot recklessly just communicate with people because of their reputation and privacy too.

That’s why the classic thing of creating handwritten letters still exists in many fanbases’ gifting style! Although digital is easier, many prefer handwritten for it to be more precious and personal. Definitely, the stars will feel their affection even better with letters they directly write using pen and paper. The main senders from the fanbase compile the letters from different people and form it as a book or store the compilation in a secured box. But of course, for whatever restriction and preference, computerized letters are also terrific!


When the celebs receive and see personally handcrafted items gifted to them by their fans, words are truly not enough for them to thank each one of them! Some send them printed and framed fan artworks that they would not be able to find anywhere else in the world! Drawn digitally or with actual art materials, the creations are fashioned with the celebs’ faces or even famous characters and drama or movie lines or song lyrics.

Knowing that these are made for them only by the people cheering on them, the stars are very much thankful and wowed more than anyone!


Subway birthday ads for BLACKPINK JISOO’s 26th birthday (Photo credit: Twitter @kstargift)

K-drama and K-pop fans are designing birthday posters to be placed as birthday ads for their faves. These ads are online and offline.

For offline platforms, the digital ads are shown typically in LED TVs in subways in South Korea. Some are also printed on buses and trains. Other digital versions are hung on towers, building exteriors and LED billboards. Some are inside malls and inside the celebrity management company of the birthday celebrant. Others are overseas as well!

For online platforms, Instagram Story is commonly and mainly used. It’s not very easy to catch sight of them because you have to check out IG Stories (a lot of them) for the chance to see them in between. Also, these birthday ads are available only in specific countries indicated by the fan makers.

Fans who see these birthday ads take photos and post on their social media accounts for the artists to see them or visit them in case they haven’t yet. All in the fanbase, especially those who helped make the ads happen, are absolutely happy when their faves personally visit and take photos and selcas with their birthday ad gifts!



There you have the most common K-drama and K-pop fans-to-faves gifts you will see (or probably even give yourself.) Some are actually shocking because of how grand the gifts are, but yes, that’s how it is for this gifting culture! Both the fans and their favorite K-artists are happy on their birthdays!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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