What Makes Best Parental Control App for Android & iPhone

The list goes on. TheOneSpy is one of the best parental control apps for iPhone and Android. They offer mac and windows spy app versions as well for tablet, laptop, and desktop monitoring.  It is a cloud-based app thus all the data is saved on the online dashboard. The user has been given remote access to the dashboard and can even download any recording file to its device as well.

What kind of features make a spy app the best one. I think its

  • Flexibility
  • Multiplatform Option Availability
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Friendly User Interface
  • And More

Here are the top  features of the Parental Control app.


Keylogger feature keeps the record of every keystroke applied on the target phone. You can check the secret text message of your teen or can know about any email content exchange. A keystroke logging feature is helpful in another major way that it reports you about any secret account id information along with the password. 

Live Screen Recording:

Use the live screen recording feature to manage the screen time of minors or to find out about the daily or weekly productivity of the employees. Every feature offered by the best parental control app for iPhone or Android can be used as parental control or employee monitoring.

Remote Control Mic:

Parental Control app bug the mic of the target device and let the user listen to all the surrounding voices and sounds. The national center for education statistics states that

  • 1 in every 5 children is the victim of bullying.

  Learn about your teen’s outdoor activities, friends, and company by using the remote control mic feature. It can help you track any bullying or harassment issues faced by your kid.   

Geo-Location Tracking:

Real-time geolocation tracking is an easy deal for TheOneSpy hidden phone spy app as one keeps up with the real-time exact location of the target using this feature. Monitor the whereabouts of your teenagers and know about any secret hideout place.

Browsing History:

Easy internet access is power. It is now your responsibility as a parent and employer to make sure no one abuses this power. Use the track internet browsing history feature to keep yourself updated with the online activities of the target.

Device Status:

Check the device status like battery, wifi, and GPS feature of the target by using the best parental control app for iPhone. This feature is extremely useful in case your kid is away on a school trip or stays out of town for studies.

Log Sync Method:

You can remotely sync the feature updates and more with TheOneSpy.

Remote Control Camera:

Keep an eye on the target and the surroundings with the remote control camera feature of the spy app. You can remotely use the front and rear camera of the teen device to capture the surroundings to find out about the wellbeing of the kid.  

Web Blocking:

If you find any content which is completely unacceptable and inappropriate for the teenagers then you can simply block it from the teen’s device. Use the feature to block sexual content, triggering stuff for struggling patients, and more.

Incoming And Outgoing Call Logbook Record:

Use the best parental control app for iPhone and know about all the incoming and outgoing calls your teen makes or receives. TheOneSpy saves the record with timestamp information so any long late-night call will be tracked right away and reported to the parents.

Unlock Photos:

Even if your teen’s photo folder is password-protected, the spy app gives you remote access to the gallery folder. You can check all the saved images. Whether they are captured by a camera, downloaded from the internet, or shared or received on social media parents can know about them in detail without letting the kid know. 

Track Stolen Phone:

In case of any unfortunate incident like loss or theft of the device, you can track your phone immediately with the help of the best tracking app for iPhone. Live mobile location tracker reports about the real-time pinpoint location of the target device to the user.

Manage Contact List:

Manage a contact list and do not lose a single contact by saving a copy of the list on the web portal of the app.

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