Which is the best hospital in Delhi for hernia repair surgery?

When an organ or other structure pushes through a weak spot in tissue or muscle, it causes a hernia. Hernias can create a noticeable lump in the chest, thigh, groin, or belly button in a patient. Hernias may be excruciatingly painful sometimes in few patients. Organs trapped at the hernia site risk strangulation, which is a surgical emergency. This hernia can affect men and women in the same manner. These hernias can cause life-threatening consequences in rare situations. That is why physicians frequently advise surgery to repair the disorder. However, not all hernias require immediate attention. It is dependent on the magnitude and severity of the symptoms. It may not require therapy if it does not become symptomatic.

A Hernia surgery aims to restore the organ or structure to its normal position while also repairing the weak muscle or tissue. Patients who are having hernia disorder can book an appointment doctor associated with Manipal hospital Dwarka.

Advanced hernia surgery techniques offered by Hospitals in Delhi –

An individual who is diagnosed with a hernia can choose any hernia repair surgery method depending on his//her type of hernia. Manipal hospital Dwarka in Delhi provides all types of hernia surgery using advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology. Below are a few surgery methods that are used to perform hernia treatment –

Laparoscopic hernia surgery – This is a procedure that is performed with the least amount of invasiveness possible. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia as the surgeon makes several tiny incisions. He then uses surgical instruments to implant and fastens the mesh via the holes.

This technique reduces blood loss and provides for a faster recovery time. However, it is more difficult to do and costs more. Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery is often used to treat hernia recurrences because it prevents scar formation. Required recovery time is one to two weeks. After around four weeks, vigorous activity is usually permitted.

Open surgery – The Surgical mesh is used or not used by surgeons in this surgery. General anesthesia is used in the majority of open hernia surgeries. Alternatively, surgeons may employ sedation and spinal or local anesthetic. To fix the weak muscle region, the surgeon makes an incision near the hernia. This form of surgery involves more muscle cutting and may result in higher blood loss. Three weeks is the average recovery time. After six weeks, vigorous activity is usually permitted.

Best hospital for effective hernia surgery –

Life is constantly hectic, and surgery is seldom convenient, but finding the right option for the hernia treatment can make the process difficult. Various online healthcare portal like Credihealth helps you to find the best hospital for all type of treatments near your region.

  • A team of skilled surgeons at Manipal hospital Dwarka in Delhi uses Open and Laparoscopic surgery to repair or treat all kinds of hernias.
  • Top-notch anaesthesiologists at the hospital also assist the department by giving ongoing support in monitoring and preparing patients during procedures and operations.
  • The highly skilled other medical experts and well-trained caregivers follow the best practices and are dedicated to providing patients with high-quality treatment.
  •  The experts at Manipal hospital Delhi provide patients the best suitable treatment with a treatment plan with possible pros and cons. It helps a patient to decide the best possible treatment for hernia repair at his/her convenience.

Manipal Hospital Dwarka has created benchmarks in medical treatment, with famous experts from across the world all under one roof, cutting-edge infrastructure of worldwide standards in radio-diagnosis, research, clinical procedures, and the newest innovative and technical breakthroughs. 

A patient with any type of hernia can browse the Manipal Hospital Dwarka doctors list to schedule an appointment with a suitable hernia doctor in Delhi.

You may also get information about a hospital’s facilities and services, such as the availability of ambulances, blood banks, pharmacies, and physicians, as well as pricing, treatment costs, and reviews & ratings.

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