3 Ways to Use Hemp Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

From ancient times, hemp oil has been used by many people in their daily routine. They used to process flowers and plants to extract the essential oil and utilise it for further use. However, various hemp-based products like – gummies, capsules, tablets, essential oil, and CBD have been introduced over the period. That has shown promising results treating not only physical health but improving mental health and senses as well. However, to achieve overall health benefits with essential oils, nothing is better than Hemp oil Aromatherapy. It has positive effects on your brain, senses like – smelling. Furthermore, it regulates happy hormones in your body. Also, it rapidly boosts your mood and environment, which sets a welcoming & soothing aura around you.  

Although you can directly smell an essential oil, there are other ways to practice Aromatherapy too. Like – hemp oil-based fragmented candles, aromatherapy diffusers, a direct oil application on your body, etc. These all help calm nerves, relieve stress, and maintain a balance between body and mind. However, if you are searching for various ways to practice Aromatherapy, then keep reading further. 

3 effective ways 

As mentioned earlier, there are various traditional ways to practice Aromatherapy. But over the period, these methods have evolved, and now specific products have been introduced to practice therapy effectively. Therefore, we have listed below the 3 best ways to utilise hemp oil in Aromatherapy.  

  • Breath bottle 

The simplest method is to open the bottle and smell the aroma of hemp seed essential oil. However, if you require a brief stimulant, use the scientific method. Try to wave—off your head over the bottle while facing your head towards the bottle. This way, you won’t get the full impact of oil but a whiff of the scent. If you want a stronger scent, open the bottle and stick a few inches in your nose and take a deep breath. However, avoid snorting the essential oil, as it can be unpleasant and hurtful too. 

  • Apply oil in hands 

Apply a good amount of essential oil on your hands, rub it gently and enjoy the aroma of essential hemp oil. While applying an essential oil to your hands, you will also infuse hemp oil into your skin and bloodstream. Which will help achieve the benefits of Aromatherapy in the most effective way. Therefore, before applying, infuse essential oil with other carrier oils and convert it for tropical use. 

  • Use air diffuser 

The most traditional method of Aromatherapy is to diffuse the essential oil in the air with the help of a diffuser. This method is best for people who are looking for a long-lasting effect of Aromatherapy. 

  • Take a bowl, a few cotton balls, and your essential oil. Drop oil on a cotton ball and keep it under the bowl and let it evaporate. However, avoid soaking cotton balls in the oil, as few drops are enough. 
  • Another way is, take a diffuser, drop a few drops of essential oil and water on top of the diffuser, and lit a candle beneath it. It will warm the diffuser, and oil will start evaporating. 


Hopefully, this article was helpful to guide you in various ways for practising aromatherapy more effectively. However, before using essential hemp oil next time, we recommend you consider the guide given above for detailed guidance.

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