Must-Have Footwear In Day to Day Trend Changing World


The people have changed their perspective about the footwear industry, promoting it from just functionality to style statement. However, the trend of the post-pandemic world looks slightly inclined towards comfort and ease along with an attractive appearance.

Although, there are gradual changes in the lifestyle of people as the normal routine of going out and socializing is coming back after the tiresome turnaround of pandemic-led restrictions.

Coming to talk about the trends and style, flat and slippers have been in high demand but at the same time the trends, for the fall of 2021 showcase a rise in requirement for glitter and glamour.

Following are the must-have footwear in a day to day changing world:

  1. Slide Sandals- Slide Sandals has been in the spotlight for a few seasons, and now it has become a part of everybody’s closet. And now, it is must-have footwear to flaunt year-round for 2021/22.
  2. Strappy Sandals- Strappy Sandals have created quite a buzz on social media for establishing the perfect summer dressing for girls. If you wish to flaunt the minimal-chic look then adding strappy sandals to your style would be a nice idea.
  3. Flip Flops- The lockdown has made it customary for people to use flip flips indoors and outdoors. And since the fashion didn’t stop for the pandemic (considering the constant fashionable feed), the flip flops have transformed into a more minimalistic look to provide consumers with the right kind of sleek look with usual comfort. And oh! Don’t forget to pair it with denim jeans.
  4. Mules- People’s perspective towards mules has changed, and gradually, it was listed as the trendiest footwear of the year. Whether it is a slightly heeled-sandal silhouette or a nice pastel-shaded platform, you can choose to slay with whatever suits you the best.
  5. Lug Sole Loafers- You can call it an updated version of those old-looking loafers. Whether you want to compliment your formal look or want to put an edge on your casual look, then Lug Sole Loafers are best for you.
  6. Ladies Jutti- The festive season brought this one to the list, especially in the Indian market. Ladies Jutti has been the most loved footwear, and women have embraced the intricate work. Flaunt your best ethnic attire with this ladies’ jutti.
  7. Sneakers- Last but not least, sneakers are your ultimate companion. You can go with plain shade or a bold choice of colors to slay your edgy or sporty look. But never make your closet empty of sneakers. It’s an ultimate must-have. Nowadays, you can see out of 10, there will be eight people who will be wearing sneakers. So sneakers have become a must-have shoe in your collection, and they can be paired with any outfit, including formals.


The above-mentioned must-have footwear made it to the trendiest list, but if one wishes to consider understanding the future of this industry, then one must presume to have a myriad of footwear with sustainable options and style.

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