5 basic principles to protect the mental health of your employees

In recent months, we have experienced unexpected changes that have put the mental health of our collaborators in check, since changing habits and adapting to a new reality never seen before, can generate high levels of stress in people. Therefore, today we will discuss 5 basic principles to protect the mental health of the team.

It is important that from the HR areas we promote actions that promote emotional support to our collaborators.

And it is that the figures of the last years have not been anything encouraging. According to the 2020 Global Risk Report presented by the World Economic Forum in early 2020, currently around 700 million people around the world have experienced episodes of depression and anxiety.

It is a fact that in recent months we have all faced great challenges in terms of work, in which we have had to relearn to work and we have also developed new skills that will accompany us for the rest of our lives. Next, we share these simple steps to strengthen the mental health of your collaborators:

1.- It fosters a culture of balance. With the arrival of the pandemic and the radical change in the daily routine, many workers have become multifunctional individuals, since they must take care of their families, their work and themselves at the same time. For this reason, it is extremely important to implement programs that invite them to lead a balanced life in which they can assign specific times for each activity. Meditation and mindfulness can be those elements that make big differences.

2.- Communicate with transparency and honesty. It is a reality that in times of uncertainty people can become fearful for the future, especially when it comes to their work. For this reason, it is very important to open communication channels with collaborators that allow them to know all the scenarios that the company they work for is facing, but, above all, to know the real situation of it. Through these actions, they themselves will begin to feel closer and closer to their organization and will fight tirelessly to achieve their goals.

3.- Carry out Labor Climate Surveys. It is a reality that the physical distance we had to face over the last few months could have caused a certain disconnect between leaders and their teams, so there are many risks that we cannot recognize whether people are being capable of keep your emotional state in balance.

A work climate survey can become that light we need to know what the real state of our collaborators is in these times in which we have begun to recover normality in the workspaces. It is extremely important to identify all those cases in which the mental health of workers is compromised in order to help them and accompany them in their recovery process, since their work productivity will largely depend on that.

4- Includes psychological support within the organization. Since 2019, Nom 035 includes within the responsibilities of every company the prevention of risk factors in the mental health of workers and address any case that may arise. Therefore, the first step we must take is to sensitize people and provide them with all the necessary information that allows them to identify any symptoms that put their mental health at risk.

Subsequently, we can bet on providing specialized medical care at a distance that allows them to have an outlet of stress and anxiety to people. For example, Grupo Charly offers its collaborators the possibility of attending to these types of cases by telephone:” We established a direct line where collaborators could be treated in the event of a psychological crisis, family violence, safety or food. This allowed us to maintain contact with our collaborators, as well as to prepare the HR team to be able to attend to all the situations that had come up,” said Viridiana Fuentes, Deputy Director of Human Talent.

5.- Perform Team building activities to stay close to your team. With the advent of flexible work, many companies have chosen to receive their staff in their offices twice a week and the rest of the time they work from home. Therefore, it is important to create spaces in which they can share a leisure activity at a distance in which employees can relax and release loads of stress. A yoga class, cooking class or a virtual meeting to share a dessert, can be that alternative that people need to feel better.

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