Author: Shivani

Have a Merry Office Christmas

Too much wine, dancing on the photocopier, belting out horrendous karaoke tunes, pashing a co-worker, insulting your boss and streaking through the staff common room… If the thought of office Christmas parties makes you cringe, avoid a Bridget-Jones-Esque office party disaster, and try one of these great ideas instead. – Boat & Clay Laser shooting – Hop […]

Good Womens North Face Jackets Online

Travel, outside existence with Women’s North Face Jackets or existence norface below intravenous drip. The North confront Men’s Vest has wealthy particulars of design, peel away the check slightly, which means you stay dried out from the pouring rain, completely water-resistant and quite breathable. It highlights the flexibility, abrasion resistance and lighting north-facing features. The product […]

Advantages of Off Campus Accommodations for Students

When you are a college student or starting your college term as a student you are completely self-dependent in almost everything. While attending colleges away from home, basically you have two options either on-campus student dormitories or off-campus student rentals. Both of these options have their own pros and cons so it becomes a bit […]

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