5 Ways To Amp Up Your Saree Game This Festive Season

Sarees, the wonderful attire full of grace and elegance! No matter in which generation you are born, you cannot even curb your love for sarees. These nine yards of fabric are sure to hug your curves perfectly and present your personality in such an impressive manner that you slay on all occasions wearing them. And we know you certainly have a lot of sarees for women in your wardrobe. But if you want to amp up this attire to be more attractive for this festive season, we have some great ideas for you listed below.

Sarees with statement blouse –A blouse is an active and essential part of your saree. So, one of the ways to bring out the best in these sarees for women is to wear statement or designer blouses. We are sure you would have seen a lot of Bollywood celebrities wearing different kinds of designer blouses like the ones with full sleeves, high neck blouses, backless ones and some even completely dazzled with stones or embroidery. According to the design of your blouse, you can select the saree colour and pattern and lo; you’ll be the talk of the town due to your fantastic fashion sense.

Drape it with a belt – Here’s a fine twist to draping the sarees for women to make them look even more alluring. Regardless of the fabric and type of saree, you are wearing, add a complementing belt to it! You can pick from the embedded belts to the basic leather ones, and the belts made up of lace material. These surely jazz up your saree game like never before and are suitable for wearing at formal festive gatherings.

Sarees with pants – We agree that the traditional way to wear a saree is with a petticoat inside. However, not all are comfortable wearing it. So, you’ve got a more go-to option – a pant! You need to drape your favourite saree fabric over these pants and match it with a nice crop top or a blouse and tadaa. You’d love the gorgeous outcome for sure!

Sarees with dupatta – If you closely follow the recent Instagram fashion trends, you’d have seen many fashion influencers donning sarees for women with dupattas. To follow this style, you must drape the saree regularly and add a dupatta to your right side. Now carry the pallus with some grace and sophisticated elegance in the festive parties you attend.

Minimalistic sarees with a mala – Do you love statement jewellery and ornamental pieces of beads? Then you only need a magnificent-looking mala to amp your saree this festive season! We suggest wearing a light pastel-coloured plain saree with a similar matching blouse and adding a spark to it by wearing a long, beautiful mala. You don’t need to do anything else to look drop-dead gorgeous at the festive functions you attend. But yes, if you love long earrings, go for them with this neckpiece!


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