5 Different Ways To Style your leather shoes

Footwear is something that you wear at least 75% of the time every day. They are an extremely important part of your outfit as they speak volumes about who you are. They decide the way you walk, the way you move and the way you appear.

It is very much true that the shoes you decide to wear influence not only your style and outfit but also your personality and body language. That is the reason why you must wear them well, and this fact holds for both men and women.

Since men contribute most of their time at workplaces or work-related outings – offices, meetings, formal events, formal dinners etc. the most utilizable footwear for them are formal shoes. What better than leather shoes for men when talking formal.

We have taken the liberty and curated a list of leather shoes for men, along with some styling tips. Men, take notes – 

  1. If comfort is your language- Loafers should be your go-to. These are some of the best and most comfortable leather shoes for men. Be it business travels, casual outings or even workwear – you can easily slip on and off in your loafers and look stylish while doing so! You can easily pair it up with a suit if you’re not wearing a tie or put it on for a semi-formal look. Make sure you wear ankle-length socks that that doesn’t peak through your loafers as it might look shabby and mess with your clean look.
  2. Oxfords, for those formal looks – Let’s take your leather shoe game a level higher! Oxfords are the chicest, most polished, elegant and sophisticated leather shoes for men. They come with combined laces and the most popular and refined of designs. They should be your go-to leather shoes for men for a conventional and formal look. They can easily be carried with your workwear or for a formal meal, a wedding or a business trip. They offer style and comfort all in one! 
  3. Be an eye-candy in Monk-straps – If unconventional is your thing, go for monk-strap leather shoes. As the name suggests, these leather shoes for men have buckle straps instead of laces. This is the reason they attract a lot of eyes. These are available in single and double straps with fasteners in striking colours like olive green, golden, brass etc. You can easily make a statement wearing these shoes. Hence we advise you to wear them to special occasions like formal events and gatherings.
  4. Tassel slip- ons on the go – These are the most appropriate leather shoes for men for their everyday activities. Be it running errands, attending meetings, going to weddings or going to the movies; tassel slip-ons are going to be your best buddy! They’re super comfy and very smart to wear. Their versatile nature is the reason why these are so in when it comes to leather shoes for men. It has been the most demanded footwear for a very long time. The two ends of the tassel run all over the shoe front and lift the fashion levels of the show and of the one who wears it! 
  5. Evergreen boots – We have a difference of opinion when it comes to boots. While some of you are sceptical when it comes to styling boots – let’s not be presumptuous. Boots come in different styles, and so, they can be styled in fashion diversity. If you want to be a little subtle, go for Chelsea boots – they go well with formal outfits. You can also go for laced boots for a formal event. Now coming to the casual side – put on those dressy ankle boots! You can carry your Chukka boots with a pair of denim and throw a jacket over for the ultimate casual look. These leather shoes for men make you look more laid back, confident and relaxed. You can always wear plain and basic coloured boots if you don’t wish to be too loud in the crowd.

To sum it up, you must own different pairs of shoes in various colours to suit all of your social occasions.

Maintaining variety, style, and class isn’t that tough of a job, now that you have insider tips! 

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