5 Top Ethnic Bottom Wear That Are A Must Have In Wedding Season

pajama for men

The wedding season is a cycle that keeps coming back after a few months. With every wedding season, you need to be prepared to look the best for all events you will have to attend. Because one Indian wedding is by default going to have multiple events in it. And the reason being this is an essential part of the culture you cannot miss any of those. Wearing your kurta with pajama for men is a classic combination. It can effortlessly be seen as an evergreen outfit for all your functions. But here is a way to try different permutations and combinations with some basic kurtas that you own to get a polished look on the wedding day.

Office Wear Chinos: Chinos have a particular fit among all the formal bottom wear for you to create an Indo Western look easily. When you buy Kurtas they many times come with the classic pajama for men by default but if you are someone who is not a fan of the combination then you must try this out. Being a man you are given limited options in ethnic wear so it is up to you to make the best out of it. You can wear this combination with classic formal footwear like oxfords or loafers to accentuate the look.

Dhoti / Dhotar For Men: The word Dhoti is derived from the traditional Maharashtrian word ‘Dhotar’ which was worn by the elites. It is made in different kinds of fabrics which can be chosen as per the formality of the occasion. So the cotton Dhoti is for less important wedding functions which you are attending as a guest but for the groom you get Silk dhoti with zari work on the borders. You easily get a pre-stitched dhoti that gets an elevated look over the everyday pajama for men.

Churidar Pajama For Men: Churidars are very much similar to regular pajamas because of the tightly fitted look. But it historically has its origin in the northern region of India and the Punjab province of Pakistan. Today it is a commonly worn outfit by men and women in both countries. The Churidars have a distinctive structure that looks like small cloth circles being layered at the bottom of the clothing.

Patiyala Pajama For Men: The origin of the now stitched Patiyala pajama for men can be dated back to the kingdom of Patiyala ruled by the Nawab of the now modern city. This type of traditional bottom wear is commonly known as Patiala Salwar Kameez with the Urdu influence in our daily language. The best way to style this is by adding pieces of accessories like brooches or pocket squares to give it a Royal Look.

Traditional Veshti: Many people avoid experimenting with traditional Indian clothing. But swapping the regular pajama for men with a South Indian Veshti is a game changer. Many people do not go through with this idea since they don’t know how to drape a veshti. But these days you have solutions for everything, even a pre-stitched and ready to wear traditional veshti.

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