5 Types of Latest Windows Design You Should Know in 2021

Every window type is unique, offering you the chance to transform any area or visual. The housing industry market provides myriad choices that can complement your property design and fulfil all your requirements. Similarly, many window materials are prevalent in the market, including aluminium, UPVC, and timber.

But, the winner is aluminium, and there is a good reason for that. UPVC windows are basically plastic, meaning they are not sturdy and look cheap. On the other hand, quality timber windows primarily depend on the craftsmanship of the woodworker. With timber windows, there is also a high chance of termite infestation.

So if you are looking for the latest window designs that take your breath away, you should partner with reputed manufacturers providing windows composed of aluminium. Aluminium windows are sleek, sturdy, durable, easy to install and offer various designs. Also, since aluminium is inherently sturdy, you can get complex latest window designs with aluminium.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Awning Windows

Hinged at the top, these windows swing upwards when opened. This design makes it ideal for ventilation in areas of heavy rainfall or snowfall. Also, TEXGUARD coated awning windows do not sustain damage from heavy rainfall or snow, meaning you can install them in critical areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Furthermore, awning windows are all about functionality and convenience. So, if there is a bit of space crunch, you can install awning windows and still utilise a space entirely.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Another window type of ideal of areas receiving heavy rainfall is tilt and turn windows. Tilt and turn windows can be opened at the top and tilt a few degrees inwards. The tilt feature maintains the air circulation without letting the water or dust inside. Such windows preventing water ingress is one of the reasons why they are referred to as monsoon windows. You can also open these windows fully like a standard casement window for full ventilation.

Sliding Windows

These simple yet functional windows are an excellent option for compact rooms and as floor-to-ceiling solutions. In most modern houses, sliding windows are installed as a proper floor-to-ceiling solution to replace a wall. Also, the latest aluminium window designs are sleek and ensure maximum glass cover that provides an isometric view. In fact, occupants may feel as if the outside and indoor have amalgamated. Also, modern aluminium sliding windows are installed with rubber, precision nano-tech, and EPDM gaskets that prevent dust, water, air, and noise intrusion. Finally, sliding windows are ideal for compact areas where there is not enough space for swinging windows.

French Windows

Also known as double casement windows, there’s nothing quite that exudes class as much as French windows. You can install French windows as a ceiling to floor windows that blend with all kinds of interiors. Or, you can install standard-sized french windows in areas like the bathroom or kitchen to ensure proper ventilation. Furthermore, double casement windows or french windows are also ideal for ensuring proper security. You can nevertheless enjoy enhanced security by partnering with reputed manufacturers offering aluminium windows. Such providers install a crescent locking mechanism in the windows, which is more potent and sturdy than standard push locks.

Bay Windows

Often touted as a traditional design, bay windows have faced the test of time well. These versatile windows are ideal if you have an extension in your wall or flooring that can convert into a window. Bay windows are a big hit in living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms or just about any part of your home. They can be designed as vintage, contemporary, arched windows or even expansive wall-to-wall windows.

Final Note on Later Window Designs

The outcome of a top window design depends on the material, manufacturer, installation method, transportation, craftsmanship, third party intervention, among others. So, partner with the right provider to get the best possible results.

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