All About The Need Of Road Traffic Offence Solicitors

Monitoring and driving offences are one of the most common areas of law. There are a number of cases happening every single day related to road traffic. And when this happens, hiring solicitors specialising in road traffic offences becomes the need of the hour. The solicitors help in identifying the varying degrees of the seriousness and consequences. In this article we will tell you all about the need of road traffic offence solicitors.

The job and need of motoring law solicitors is dependent on the seriousness of the offenses. Their needs can be better defined on the following basis.

Major Motoring Offences

As the name suggests, this includes all the traffic offences that are most serious and carry the biggest consequences. It might include careless driving, criminal record etc. It also includes –

Driving under influence of drugs

Drugs can be anything. Either they can be illegal drugs or prescribed medicines. If any of this makes you unfit for driving then there are chances that police pull you over to perform a drug test. In case you are found guilty, the penalties can be severe. Therefore to help you from driving ban or prison time, all you need is traffic offense solicitors.

Excessive speeding

As per the traffic guidelines in the UK, if you are found exceeding the speed limit at 45% over the legal limit, you will likely be prosecuted. And again, only a traffic solicitor can save you from getting behind the bars.

Drunk driving

Drinking and driving is one of the worst scenarios. If you are ever found doing so, you could face prison time, an unlimited fine, a driving ban and a lot more

Not using car seat

Using an appropriate car seat for your child is important for you and your child. If the child seat is not as per your child’s height, age and weight then you might be charged for the same.

Minor Motoring Offences

These are less serious motoring offences that result in a small fine. Here you have negligible chances for getting summoned to the court. These include –

Parking charges

In cases when you get a parking fine, you may not need solicitors specializing in road traffic offences as the instructors are already written behind. Unless you are charged for something that can not be resolved with a parking company, you do not need a solicitor.

Low level speeding

Speeding more than the limit or even less than the speed limit is likely to result in penalty pints and a fine. In case you are caught you will have to declare your penalty points to the insurance company and only if these points exceed the limit, you will be asked for a driving ban.

For all those cases where you are prosecuted of any road traffic offense, consider seeking traffic offence solicitors’ free advice. The solicitors will represent you in the court with their professional and skilled team.

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