Best Hospital in Gurgaon for Cervical Spinal Surgery

Accidents, aging, restricted body mechanics, traumatic events, and structural deformity can harm the spine. Chronic back pain and additional issues like numbness or immobility can result in severe instances. For the first seven weeks after an injury, over half of Indians ignore their discomfort. Negligence leads to delayed treatment, increasing the need for spine surgery, the most prevalent therapy. Spine surgery is often performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. It implies that an incision is made in the afflicted region to allow the surgeon to see and access the anatomical structures under the skin. By using conventional medication or physical therapy, the majority of spine-related ailments can be readily managed. However, if none of the non-surgical options work, physicians will suggest spinal surgery. The Columbia Asia hospital Gurgaon also ensures sophisticated medical and surgical care to people suffering from spinal illnesses and chronic pain.

Advanced methods for Spinal surgery – Spinal issues can be handled by an expert orthopedic surgeon. Pain injections and other minimally invasive procedures will be used initially to treat your pain or chronic back troubles. At the Columbia Asia hospital, the Gurgaon team of orthopedists may conduct minimally invasive spine surgery if these measures fail to alleviate your symptoms.

People with back discomfort have various options for spinal surgery, including the following –

  • Lumbar Decompression Surgery for Spinal Stenosis – Lumbar decompression surgery (lumbar laminectomy) is used to treat spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal). The surgeon will remove the lamina that is pushing on the spine and causing discomfort. In spinal stenosis, the spinal cord is compressed due to the narrowing of the spinal canal with age. Surgically widening the canal relieves the pressure. The surgeon may need to remove bone spurs or extra tissue.

  • Lumbar Discectomy – A lumbar discectomy is a type of spine surgery that involves the removal of a damaged disc in the patient’s lower back. Lumbar discectomy can be performed in two ways: minimally invasive arthroscopic discectomy and open spine surgery. The most usual treatment for a lumbar herniated disc is open spine surgery.

  • Herniated Disc Surgery – The surgeon will remove part or all of the damaged disc during a herniated disc repair procedure. To relieve disc pain, the doctor may remove the disc entirely and let the two neighboring vertebrae fuse together; however, spinal fusion results in the inability to move that area of your back, so this decision must be taken care of between you and your doctor. 

  • Spinal Fusion Surgery – The surgeon joins two nearby vertebrae during a spinal fusion to minimize discomfort caused by their movement against one other. The surgeon uses small screws and rods to join the vertebrae, then let it heal and fuse together naturally. The doctor may also extract a little bone transplant from another region of your body to aid in fusing the vertebrae.

Why choose Columbia Asia hospital Gurgaon for spinal surgery –

Columbia Asia hospital Gurgaon is a pioneer and one of Gurgaon’s most prestigious specialties for spinal surgery. The Hospital has a team of spine experts who treat spinal illnesses, malignancies, deformities, and pain management and rehabilitation specialists. Some of the most cutting-edge treatments, such as minimally invasive and robotic surgery, have been used at the Hospital’sHospital’s many facilities. There are several treatment options available for back pain and spinal issues. Our spine experts will examine the patient for a list of common spine disorders and ailments and treat them based on their findings. Below are a few factors that make you choose the best spine surgery hospital in Gurgaon for all spinal problems. 

Patient experience – The Hospital increases the quality of life through compassionate care, new therapies & treatments, and unwavering efforts. Hospital staff, including doctors and caregivers at the Hospital, makes a patient throughout the journey incredibly free from stress and tension.

Latest technology – The Hospital for Spinal Disorders is dedicated to offering the most recent advances in research and innovation to the kids and families we serve.

Personalized quality care – Patient-centred care philosophy at the HospitalHospital has become a priority as the doctors associated with the hospital put all efforts to make your healthcare experience at its very best. The hospital staff goes out of their way to give patients with exceptional services and personal touches that they may not get at other hospitals.

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