Everything You Need to Know About R110 Coloured Surface Coatings!

r110 Coloured surface coatings that comprise resin and aggregate-based binders offer durable and textured surfacing. These kinds of coatings are suitable for roads for making lanes. It is not suitable for the new asphalt. A good thing about this kind of coating is that it offers great skid resistance, and you can use such coating on your outdoor surfaces.

A lot of cities these days are using this kind of coating for marking bus lanes and bicycle lanes. It helps in creating marking to avoid accidents and confusion. Roads and highways that do not have markings done through this kind of coating can develop issues among bus drives, bicyclists, and motorists as they all consider they have the right to use the entire road. But, markings are done over the roads through this kind of coating can help in traffic management.

r110 coloured surface coatings

Why r110 coloured surface coatings on road?

When the markings are done through r110 coloured surface coatings over the roads, it assists the drivers in understanding how to navigate through the roads. It makes the markings stand out and be noticed. Normally, marking through these coatings is done for indicating cycle and bus lanes. When such lanes are well marked, it helps in a smooth flow of traffic. The lanes marked through these coatings are consistent and coordinated to make sure that it depicts right road markings and traffic signs. Apart from that, these coatings are completely waterproof and they cannot washout in rain.

The fact is that there are no legal terms when it comes to markings. It refers that there is no official guidance that coloured surface coatings should have. It is mainly because; it is tough to gain consistent agreement. But, when coloured surface coatings are used for marking, it can surely help in maintaining the road safety.

Having r110 coloured surface coatings markings done on the roads not only prevent accidents, but also offers various advantages like:

  • Helps in regulating traffic
  • Helps in increasing safety of pedestrian and driver
  • Helps in improving nighttime visibility
  • Helps senior citizens to move through designated spaces and lanes
  • Helps in allocating space
  • Helps in easy navigation

Residential and commercial properties benefit from using r110 coloured surface coating, as it is one of the cost-effective and practical solutions for their parking area. They can use this coating for marking their parking driveway, parking slots, and entrances. It is one of the correct road marking solutions that can help in enhancing safety at private properties.

r110 coloured surface coatings

Choose the right contractor

If you have decided to use r110 coloured surface coating for your commercial or residential property to mark lanes, you need to choose the right contractor. You should never select the contractor that you come across first offering this kind of coating. It is important to check out few contractors that offer this kind of coating, and you can search them online or yellow pages.

Once you have found a few contractors, make sure you research well about the contractor. There are several factors that you need to take into account for choosing the right contractor. Some of the factors you need to consider are experience, skills, previous projects, track record, and other such factors. Apart from this, ensure that you should read their testimonials and reviews online. Consider signing the r110 coloured surface coating contractor that has at least five years of experiences in this field. Only when you have selected the right contractor, you will be able to reap the benefits. So search them online and apply such coating on your property to keep your driveway and parking area safe and organized.

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