Hi Vis Clothing: What Should You Know About It?

Hi-Vis Clothing is a safety cover that protects workers from unexpected danger. Working on a constructions site is associated with several challenges. People working in such an environment should ensure that they wear proper workwear to ensure their safety.

In this guide, we will discuss the main things about hi-vis clothing.

So, let’s get started:

Hi-Vis Clothing:

Hi-Vis Clothing is a special type of clothing that has bright colors so it can be seen in the dark. It easily catches our eyes and alerts people to their presence. The main purpose of hi-vis clothing is to make the workers visible in dark, wet and foggy conditions. These events can cause accidents. Green, yellow, orange are some colors are used for high visibility.

Hi-Vis Clothing Types:

This clothing comes in many different types, depending on the work environment it has to protect you from. Here are some hi-vis clothing types:

1) Hi-Vis Jackets/ Vests:

This type of hi-vis clothing is mandatory for work in construction sites, road works and other places where people can get injured. These hi-vis jackets consist of reflective strips that make the wearer visible in low-light conditions.

Vests can be worn over any work clothing and they are available in many styles. Hi-vis jackets generally come with 3 meters reflective stripes that meet the ANSI standard for class 2 hi-vis wear.

2) Hi-Vis Pants:

When people think about safety clothing, one of the first things that come to mind is hi-vis pants. Hi-vis pants are also an important hi-vis clothing type that helps people stay safe in construction zones. These hi-vis pants are made of tough material to protect the wearer from heavy machinery. Materials used in hi-vis clothing are generally flame retardant and hardwearing.

Need and Importance of Hi-Vis Clothing:

The hi-vis clothing was created by a textile company in 1994. The main aim behind inventing in safety workwear is to make people stay safe while working on construction sites.

There are several uses which makes hi-vis clothing very popular:

1) To Increase Workplace Safety:

Hi-Vis clothing is a wearable garment that increases the visibility of workers onsite. The clothing type ensures safe working conditions for people in construction sites, manufacturing areas, and other hazardous work environments. It can be easily seen during low or no lights so it allows a person to avoid an accident.

2) To Avoid Accidents:

Hi-vis clothing is designed to let people avoid accidents. It can be worn by workers and their presence in the area can easily be seen to provide full safety.

3) To Avoid Injuries:

In such dangerous work environments, hi-vis clothing plays a very important role in saving lives. People involved in hi-vis clothing operations should ensure hi-visibility to avoid accidents and incidents. With hi-vis clothing, people can easily detect a person in dark conditions or foggy days.

In the end, hi-vis clothing is a must-have for anyone working in construction sites, road works, and other dangerous work environments.

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