How Does a 3D Product Configurator Boosts B2B Sales

B2B businesses often receive complex customization requests whose implementation is a tough task. To deliver such complex customizations, a B2B business must have a robust customization tool. 3D product configurator is one such tool that has emerged as a perfect solution to all these complex customization needs. So, what is it? And how it boosts B2B sales. Keep reading this article to get all your answers.

What is a 3D Product Configurator?

A 3D configurator is a cutting-edge interactive tool that utilizes 3D models to offer its customers interactive visualizations and customization options. In simple words, these tools enable users to customize their products and see those customizations in real-time along with price quotes.

With more and more users shifting from offline to online shopping, the eCommerce store owners felt the need to make users’ shopping experience seamless. However, in-store options like images and videos were not enough to deliver a rich customer experience. This is where the 3D configurator shines like a bright star. It helps eCommerce store owners to deliver a better customer experience, increase sales, boost customer engagement, reduce rates, and many more.

3D configurators enable users to customize and configure their products by changing various attributes like size, color, accessories, materials, features, textures, patterns, and many more.

4 Ways 3D Product Configurator Boosts B2B Sales

Delivers High Customer Satisfaction

The definition of customer satisfaction has always been the bridge that connects what a buyer wants and what a seller is able to deliver. In recent years, the wants and demands of buyers have increased exponentially which has also increased the difficulty for the sellers to deliver high customer satisfaction. Today, the customer wants to take the driver’s seat. They want to see the product inside out, play with it the way they want, customize it, and many more. And with the traditional approach, sellers are never going to deliver all these things.

This is where the 3D configurator steps in. With a 3D configurator, businesses can enable their customers to visualize and customize products with an immersive 3D experience. For example, you are selling furniture. With a 3D configurator, you can allow your customers to customize furniture by changing various specifications like height, width, color, and depth. This 3D visualization and multiple configuration options offer higher customer satisfaction.

Another way a 3D configurator can increase customer satisfaction is by reducing eCommerce returns. Returns are a sportspoil for eCommerce businesses as well as for the customers. It is because they are costly and time-consuming for businesses. In addition, they also leave customers unsatisfied.

With a 3D configurator, you can reduce returns as customers get high-quality visuals that remove all the doubts that they may have about the product.

Eliminates Need for Sales Consultants

Customer sales representatives play a major role in the traditional buying process. Here, customers can contact them to get important information about the product like price, material availability, customization options, and delivery dates. These reps also walk customers through their preferences and requirements. This can be often time-consuming and also drain resources.

With the help of a 3D configurator, you can eliminate the need for these reps as a 3D configurator can easily understand the customer’s requirements. Moreover, they can also deliver price estimates, and direct them via a faster and simpler consultation. All these can be done without the need for a sales rep.

Obtain a Big Data Pool

3D product configurator offers you an amazing opportunity to obtain a huge pool of customer data. It is because whenever a customer uses the 3D configurator, they leave a pool of critical information that you can use to enhance customer engagement.

You can track customer engagement by observing which are the most common product preferences. You can also determine those areas where customers are disengaging with the product.

For example, if you have integrated a shoe configurator, then it can show which sole material the customers go for the most times. Which color they chose the most for their laces, and many more. Similar to a shoe configurator, other 3D product configurators can offer you with such vital information for various other products like T-shirts, gifts, posters, and many more.

With this great pool of data, you can offer your customers improved product functionality, sales processes, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Reduced Sales Cycle

Many customers complain about long sales cycles. With a configurator, you can resolve all their complaints. It is because a configurator helps you with:

  • > Enabling customers to view products before purchasing
    > Providing responsive communication
    > Showing the price before customers reach the checkout page


A 3D product configurator is a boon for B2B businesses which often receive complex customization needs. Apart from fulfilling the complex customization requirements, 3D configurators offer all the benefits that help in boosting B2B sales. Here, we have mentioned four of those critical benefits. Any B2B business can utilize the 3D configurator optimally to enjoy its benefits.

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