How Many Eyelash Extensions Can One Lose Per Day?

Sometimes, your natural eyelash needs a volume and a complete makeover to appear more bold and attractive. Adding lash extensions can bring that added volume instead of applying more mascara that will not do much good to you.

Beauty lash treatment in Hong Kong (HM) is a much-needed phenomenon among females like you who knows how to take care of their physical & beautiful appearance.

Now that you have an option of investing in lash extensions in HK to get that ready-made bold outlook. Somewhere down the line, there lays one slightest doubt in mind and i.e., “how many lash extensions would I lose in a day” or, it could be “why do eyelashes extensions fall?”

If you have such questions here, we have the best answer to this and clarify all the doubts related to beauty lash extensions.

How Many Lash Extensions Can you Lose in a Day?
First thing first, it is important to understand the fact that loss of natural lashes on your eyes is a natural phenomenon. Just like you experience regular shedding of scalp hairs similarly, natural lashes have a growing, resting, and shedding phenomenon. And it is natural for anyone.

Every day, you might find 2-5 natural lashes shedding in a day. As for eyelash extensions, they are gently placed over your natural growth. The way natural hair losses regularly, in the same manner, you tend to lose 2-5 lash extensions every day on an average basis.
You need not take this seriously because natural lashes have their own cycle of growth and falling. In the case of extensions, you can connect with your salon to add more volume and thickness to your eyes.

Now, that you have got an idea as approximately 2-5 lashes is the falling rate on a daily basis. But you still can control it by following a few effective safety and cleaning measures.

Follow these Tricks to Make your Lash Extensions Last as Long As Possible:

• Handle Gently: How many of you have experienced this, like fallen asleep while your mascara is on. In the morning, you rub your eyes and then find your face in horror while watching in the mirror. The same could happen with your lash extensions during the morning wee hours. If you try to rub your eyes harshly, then lashes will fall both naturally and with extensions. So, always try to stay gentle with your eyes, especially after waking up.

• Follow an Active Cleaning Process: Washing your extensions with water will bring additional damage to their volume. It is not a proper way to take care of your beauty- equipped extensions. Instead of that, gently clean them using eye cleansers of soft and high quality.

• Use Products that are Lash-Friendly: Sometimes, when you apply something high in oil content product or alcohol-based cosmetic, you tend to lose the glue of extensions. As a result, they started to fall in more numbers than you have expected. So, the better idea is to use natural, oil, and alcohol-free products.

Now, you must have got a clear answer to your question as to how many extensions could lose on a daily basis and along with possible reasons. Next is to book an appointment with an extension and lash lift in HK salon to get the required beauty treatment and learn more about useful tips.


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