How To Buy Window Boxes At Best Prices

Window boxes are extremely functional to build a corporate brand. It also comes with the company logo as an embossed patch for presenting an elegant corporate look. This helps in attracting customers too. The grocery, clothing, healthcare, and cosmetics items are great for the package in these custom printed window boxes.

Window Boxes – An Introduction

Custom window boxes are used to hold products that are perishable. This includes perishable food items, cleaning agents, pharmaceuticals, florists’ items, confectionery, wines, and frozen dinners. These custom printed packaging boxes can be easily personalized with the company logo, name, telephone number, and other details. Custom packaging boxes are available in many different shapes and sizes.

Digital printing is used in these custom boxes printing. In this method, high-quality full-color pictures and graphics are imprinted on these boxes. These images are then printed on polyester or metal stock using flat ink. Some of the companies offer this service by using embossing on the packaging boxes. Digital printing uses liquid dye sublimation techniques to print on the packaging material.

There are various advantages of using custom printed window boxes. The first advantage is that these boxes are easy to manufacture and deliver. Another advantage is that they can be used to customize different sizes, shapes, and colors of boxes. They can also be customized according to the individual needs of different industries. The box can be used to store paper documents as well as toys.

Apart from using custom window boxes, there are numerous other options to manufacture packaging materials. For instance, you can use plastic or foam boxes for storing toys. Plastic and foam boxes are less expensive compared to wooden boxes, and moreover, they are durable.

Benefits Of Custom Window Boxes

Many companies offer custom window boxes printing services, particularly for businesses and manufacturers. This packaging tool can be customized to print the logo, name of the company, and logo of the product. Moreover, Dawn printing offers services such as custom printed window boxes, custom printed grocery bags, custom printed snack bags, custom printed metal and glass containers, custom printed carry-ons, and custom embroidered envelopes. You can order your bags, snacks, and papers through internet.

You may also contact a printing company for designing and illustration of window boxes. You can give the design and logo of your product and ask them to create the exact design that matches with your product packaging. Once done, you can request them to create custom packaging boxes and send your request to them. Alternatively, you may also give them a sketch and they will do the actual designing work and supply you the best possible solution.

When ordering window boxes online, you should give them the measurement dimensions of the window so that they can produce the exact custom window boxes packaging. If you give them the wrong dimensions, they cannot produce the custom window boxes packaging, as they have no knowledge about how to measure your window. So, always give them the right dimensions.

Once you have decided to buy window boxes online, you should look at the various designs available. There are many custom window boxes packaging options, such as foil window, embossed, foil printed, magnetic, PVC etc. If you are looking for long-lasting packaging, you should opt for PVC, because it offers great durability. This material does not peel off easily and it provides excellent protection to your goods.

Another thing you should consider is the shapes of the custom boxes. There are lots of varieties available, like rectangles, squares, round and square. For custom packaging box, you can choose to round, rectangle, square, triangle, cylindrical, or any other shape that fit your product perfectly. You can also try creating shapes on your own, by using a computer software program. There are free software programs on the internet that allow you to create custom shapes.

The color of the custom window boxes is also important, because it has a great impact on your packaging box. If you choose dark colors, your window packaging box will not blend in well with your overall package. On the contrary, light colors will give an attractive look to your packaging box. If you have a very busy business, you should purchase durable and strong window boxes.


The price of window boxes can be very expensive, but this is something that you cannot compare with other retail products. You have to spend a little more money to get good quality. In order to buy affordable window boxes, you need to purchase wholesale lots. Lottery supplies wholesalers can offer you the best prices, especially if you want to purchase large quantities. There are also many manufacturers who offer their products through wholesale dealers. Therefore, if you want to buy some custom packaging boxes, you should find out the best place where you can find wholesale lots.

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