How to dress for your body type-Complete guide?

When you want to dress up according to your body shape, it looks amazing on your personality, so wearing according to your body shape is a wise thing for women. So wearing matching to your body shape and size is a wiser option for women. You can use a body shape calculator to find out the exact shape of your body. When you choose your next expensive party dressing, consider your body shape and wear matching to your body shape. You can see some women are slim and smart and some have heavier figures, how it is possible, they can wear the same size of dressing, a body type calculator can guide you about your body shape.


In this article, we are discussing the method to determine your body shape and how you can wear according to your body shape:


Factors in determining your body shape: 

Designers have figured out four basic factors for determining your body shape, it is the difference in the measurements of these four basic factors that determine your body shape, the four factors are:

  1. Shoulder 
  2.  Bust  
  3.  Waist 
  4.  Hips  

The change in the measurement of these four basic factors, body type calculator for women also uses these measurements to show which type of body you possess. If you want to measure your body type, pick a measuring tape and find out what shape you have and how to dress perfectly.


Identify your body shape:

On the basis of the variation in the measurement, we can figure out four basic types of women body types:

  1. Pear shape body
  2. Hourglass body
  3. Apple shape 
  4. Athletic body


Pear shape body:

Women have comparatively smaller shoulders and larger size of hips, then they have a pear-shaped body, as you have smaller width of upper portion but a larger lower portion.

Hourglass shape:

If you have a slimmer waist and broader shoulder and hips, it means you have an hourglass body shape. The body figure calculator can be used to measure your body shape, the hourglass is the perfect body shape for women

Apple shape:

If you have larger shoulders, bust, and hips area, it means you have an Apple-shaped body, such women have plus size and need special clothing to hide their figures.  

Athletic body:

The athletic body shape is a perfect body shape for women, as they have no extended body parts to hide, the body shape calculator would give information, such women have proportional body figures and they are is best body shape:


How to dress according to your body type:

You need to wear according to your body shape and type, body shape calculator can be an easy way to find out your figure and dress appropriately to your body shape:


  • For a Pear body shape, you can select a dress, which exposes a little to your lower portion, to give an illusion of an hourglass body shape, you can wear a skirt or a pair of jeans to focus on your lower body parts.
  • For Hourglass body shape, you can afford to expose a little to your upper and lower body figures, but it is better to show your slim waist, so long tight shirts can be great for hourglass women.
  • The Apple body shape is a plus-size body type, so it is better to wear a little loose dressing to hide your extended body figure.
  •  For athletic body shape, women can afford to wear tighter dressing, as they have smart bodies, and have no fear of exposed body parts, they can wear tight and skinny jeans and a tighter upper, as they can afford to expose their bodies.


 It can be a great help for women to know their body type by body shape calculator and then select the dressing for themselves, this would increase their charm and style.

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