Keeping It Fashionable With Metallic Paint on the Walls

There are many sources for design inspiration referring to traditional decor, like decor magazines, Tv shows, web sites, product catalogs and books. Traditional decor has a long, well-documented background which makes it simple enough for nearly any decorator to duplicate an excellent classic look. However, the notion of contemporary home decor has shifted as time passes and what was modern in the 1970s, for example, is a far cry from present day contemporary design. One method to generate a look that is both modern and subtle, is to paint the walls with a metallic shimmer.
Lighter and Brighter
Metallic paint provides the unique quality of reflective particles. These shimmering particles brighten a space by reflecting light. While modern and fashionable residence styles frequently have open floor plans, for the contemporary room in a traditional residence, this metallic element can help to brighten the space substantially. Additionally, it is a good choice for the teen’s bed room which is in a north or south facing direction, while it presents them that modern appearance and feel while additionally brightening the room’s walls.
Shades of Metal
If you think about metallic paint, the first idea could be of silver. While this is a standard metallic paint color, there are also many others that you can decide on. The standard silver, gold and bronze are the best 3 metallic selections for wall paint. Even though it is possible to purchase these colors in a matte paint formula, for an additional dramatic look, the shimmer and shine of the metallic elements is a greater alternative.
Different Paint Colors
Have you ever heard of a pink metallic paint? Most likely not, but it can be easily produced. By adding simple flecks of mica to any paint color, you may quickly create a shimmering, shiny metallic paint. Mica flecks usually can be seen in the paint section of any big home improvement store or specialty paint store. This addition of shimmer is very significant if you are painting a contemporary room, but one that doesn’t necessarily possess the other metals in its color scheme. Do not control yourself to the 3 main metal colors when you can find endless opportunities for your room’s walls.
It’s also possible to use metallic glaze to paint over regular paint. This generates a more subtle finish. For a wonderful result, pick a base color that is aesthetically related to the metallic glaze, like the golden glaze over a base layer of yellow.

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