Learn how to style your casual wear in many ways from Karan Sehgal

casual wear

It is not only in a professional setting but also when you are just walking around the block, in the garden, or riding a bike that your style quotient counts. It is valid for women as well as for men. We all need to look likeable and credible even when we are not in formal attire such as suit and tie wear for men. Karan Sehgal’s casual style makes the lasses turn their heads and is practical to follow.

Basic style for casual occasions

When pairing a printed shirt with trousers, take note of the colour of the print motif. As a rule, when pairing a printed shirt with the trouser, match the colour of the trouser with the minor colour of the shirt. Here, Karan Sehgal has paired a printed shirt with white background and a brown motif with brown trousers. Accessorize this look with matching brown formal wear shoes and a brown belt. The rule of the thumb is black trousers should be matched with a black belt and black shoes. Likewise, beige or brown trousers should be matched with a brown belt and brown shoes.

Casual wear need not be dowdy.

Simplicity without adorning much also looks blissful. So for a relaxed evening, adorn a plain blue or grey denim trousers paired with a white kurti shirt with the full sleeve rolled up and a white casual wear shoe to give that comfy look.

If wearing a striped tee, pull over a plain leather or denim jacket for comfortable evening wear.

Create your signature style

For semi-casual wear, team up a blue high collar shirt with beige trousers and accessorize this look with a brown strapped watch and brown formal shoes.

A classic casual look that forever is in fashion and never out of style is sky blue denim or jeans paired with a white t-shirt or shirt indeed feels like a swift of the cool breeze on a sunny afternoon. Accessorize this look with cool shades, a leather or denim jacket and boots.

Fun and Mastiwala look

Distressed black trousers with sneakers give a much younger, fun and frolic appeal. Match a distressed black trouser with a checkered black and white shirt.

Fusion Wear

Please get rid of the traditional pyjama with dhoti inconvenience and instead wear a traditional kurta or kurti shirt and pair it with western pencil trousers. Then, accessorize it either with a pair of formal shoes or mojdi for a fusion look.

Biker’s Pride

Adorn a rough roadie look with a cowboy hat, leather boots, leather or denim jackets, with a pair of denim trousers. Break the traditional blue, black, white and brown instead, go bold with a long-sleeved maroon shirt pair it with a silk maroon or red scarf ready to battle the dust and the grime off the road.

Sport a fashionable casual look and define your style game through these tips given by Karan Sehgal.

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