List of Affordable Flowers to Pick for the Bouquet


Mixed flower bouquets with flowers are considered the main decoration of any holiday. People gave them to each other for special events, decorated houses, and banquet halls. A huge abundance of various elements allows you to decorate the bouquet in an original and unusual way. In our article, we are revealing the flowers that you can choose to make a bouquet at less rate. Let’s find out:

How to Make a Good Bouquet?

A correctly selected flower arrangement in a beautiful package will be a great gift for any person. However, to create a really beautiful and unique bouquet at an affordable price, you need to choose the option you like and purchase it in the store. It is also recommended to know about the hidden meanings of each flower, since some of them are suitable for weddings, the second – for an anniversary gift, and the third – for a declaration of love. In addition, the color palette should be vibrant and harmonious, but it can be difficult to achieve a good match.

Different Affordable Flowers for Bouquets

Perhaps, for almost every flower in the world, you can make a successful composition, you just need to know the combinations with which it is most convenient to work. It is also recommended to follow the advice of experienced florists in order to constantly develop in this area.

Of course, you can find many interesting flowers that will look great in bouquets, however, among the huge number of these names, it is quite easy to get lost. Among the most popular colors are the following:


Roses are the most common type of flowers for bouquets on the planet. They will be ideal for almost any occasion, as well as if you do not know about the preferences of the person you want to give flowers to. Roses are used by almost all florists in the world, but few people know about the meaning of this type of flowers for bouquets:

  • red roses represent passion and love;
  • white – purity, tenderness and mystery;
  • yellow – joy and boundless happiness;
  • cream – constancy, harmony, perfection.

If you do not know what color of roses to present as a gift, then it is strongly recommended to focus on the meaning of flowers, since some people are always looking for a hidden meaning in gifts.

Also, one cannot fail to say that roses are harmoniously combined with almost any kind of flower. Among the most successful compositions: lavender, lilies, calla lilies, lilacs, gypsophila, daffodils, lilies of the valley. Any material made in a calm tone is suitable as packaging.


One of the most popular flowers for bouquets, which are hardly inferior to roses in this regard. Delicate graceful appearance allows lilies to be in many compositions that are suitable for a wide variety of celebrations. So that the bouquet does not seem boring, it is strongly recommended to make it only from lilies. The main nuance for the florist, in this case, is the correct selection of a ribbon that will complement the composition. If this option does not suit you, then you can try mixing lilies with peonies, irises, or chamomiles. Small white flowers for bouquets are harmoniously combined with large lilies. 

If we are talking about lilies in bouquets, then, most likely, an ordinary water lily is meant, which personifies the sincerity, persuasiveness, and eloquence of the person who presents the gift. 


A noble flower that often adorns bouquets intended for adult women. This flower is very popular with both beginner florists and professionals. It is best combined with chrysanthemums, roses, and gerberas. Also, red branches of mountain ash or other berries look good with flowers. If you decide to make a round bouquet, it is highly recommended to lay the flowers at an angle rather than parallel.


A rare summer cottage or a private courtyard does without beautiful peonies. These luxurious flowers are often used in weddings and other celebrations. Experienced florists recommend combining these flowers with forget-me-nots, hydrangeas,, and daisies. Peonies represent a fun life and a successful marriage. 


These pink flowers are quite rare in bouquets, but because of this, the compositions only look more sophisticated. It is worth noting that rhododendrons have a huge number of species. For example, the deciduous rhododendron is also known as Azalea. The flower harmoniously combines with many varieties of flowers for bouquets, but the best compositions are obtained with the participation of lilies, orchids, and lilies of the valley.


Ideal for those people who are trying to achieve strictness in their bouquets. This flower creates a kind of “glass” texture, which gives the composition additional sophistication and some fragility. It is best to use freesia in spring compositions to convey the awakening of nature to the recipient. Flowers are ideal for wedding floristry when you need to add a touch of romance to an important event. Freesia represents complete and unconditional trust.

Exotic Flowers for Bouquets

If you are bored with the classic compositions of roses and lilies, then you can create some exotic compositions using the appropriate flowers. The affordable option for this purpose will be orchids, which are native to Central America. Flowers represent love and beauty and will be the perfect decoration for almost any event. In wedding bouquets, it is highly recommended to use them in conjunction with roses. An indisputable advantage is that orchids retain their original appearance for a long time, which makes them especially attractive to florists.


We hope that the list for mixed flower bouquets presented in our article helped you figure out how to make a lovely bouquet. Professional florists recommend that you feel free to experiment because this is how you most often get the perfect composition. Also, do not forget that each flower has its own meaning!”

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