Medical Marijuana Uses’s.

Medical Marijuana is a beneficial way to traditional pharmaceutical medicine prescribed by doctors so patients with serious ailments can have a pain remedy that is basic and not chemically made. Medical Marijuana use dates back 5000 years ago when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered its medicinal properties and was used in the united states as a medicine up until its banning in the 1930s. As recently as 1993, Individual states have voted for the legalization of Medical Marijuana for ill patients and there are currently 14 states and Washington D.C. that support legal medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana can be used to help with a number of ailments, most notably to help with the effects of chemotherapy and to aid with Glaucoma. The cannabinoids have been providing proven result to increase appetite and decrease nausea in cancer patients, and It reduces pressure in the eye for glaucoma patients. It also has been used to help patients with Multiple sclerosis, to alleviate neuropathic pain and spasticity. One new study shows evidence that suggests that THC can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well.  Some patients choose to smoke their medical marijuana, but others cannot benefit from that due to poor lungs and other health issues that prevent them from inhaling the smoke.

They need another method of ingesting their medicine, so some go with edible marijuana products to help them. Edible marijuana products usually come in baked goods, although there are now drinks and other daily food products laced with marijuana readily available.  But for some cancer patients who cannot ingest any food or smoke, use a vaporizer to help them gain an appetite and decrease nausea associated with chemotherapy.  Vaporizers come in various different models and styles, from digital vaporizers like the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer to the high-end models like the Volcano Vaporizer all the way to portable vaporizers like the Iolite and the Sneak A Vape Vaporizer. All of the use by patients who need medical marijuana as medicine for their ailments.

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