Refrigerators for Newly Weds: What to Consider Before Purchasing

Many things change when you start living with your significant other, from the little things, such as which side of the bed you now sleep on, to the considerable things such as appliances need to be rehauled or purchased. What your devices have done for one must now be done for two, resulting in greater room, improved efficiency with a focus on long-term savings, and a slew of additional benefits.

However, not all couples are the same, so we’ve divided our refrigerator recommendations based on the most typical types of teams we’ve seen.

Type 1: A married pair where are both working

The first type of partnership has both members working and only eating supper at home. This pair also buys once a week, so they want enough fridge space to store a week’s worth of veggies and meat/fish.

A single-door 190L refrigerator + direct cool fridge would be our choice for this pair. These refrigerators contain sufficient vegetable boxes and freezer room to keep vegetables for a week. The fridge area, which has at least two toughened glass shelves and a veggie box top that acts as a third shelf, provides plenty of room for packed lunches and leftovers. Bottles can be stored in the door bins. We propose a small fridge to buy online after comparing it with other options.

Type 2: A pair with one worker from home/homemaker

Our second type of couple has one partner who is a stay-at-home mom or works from home while the other goes to work. This duo either buys for the entire week or simply buys for two or three days at a time. However, when only one person lives at home, the fridge must have adequate room to store quick snacks and breakfast mixes in case this person becomes hungry. So, in essence, this pair keeps more food in the fridge. So we would still propose a single-door direct cool fridge in a bigger capacity – 200-liters and higher. This means more room for veggies, leftovers, and fresh items. A double-door refrigerator would still be too large for this pair, and they will have to pay to chill empty areas. A larger-capacity single-door fridge will sufficiently meet this couple’s refrigeration needs.

Type 3: The pair that lives with their parents

A couple who lives with one or both parents is the third category. Whether or not they both go to work, there will always be someone at home which requires food in the fridge. As a result, this couple’s demands are nearly double as compared to that of other couples — the fridge must carry food for 3-4 people. Naturally, with one or two additional persons in the house, the vegetable drawer and freezer require more room as well. This needs a higher-capacity refrigerator. A single-door refrigerator will no longer be sufficient, and they will want the extra room provided by a double-door refrigerator. They require a capacity of up to 240 liters for 4 persons in the house, with enough storage space in the freezer and vegetable box.

Type 4: The family unit (children and parents)

The fourth sort of relationship is a couple who lives with their parents and children. The demand has now increased because the fridge will be used by 5 or 6 persons. A double-door refrigerator is now required and the volume of the fridge must be near to or greater than 300 liters. In this example, the pair can choose between a typical top-mount freezer and a bottom-freezer refrigerator. Bottom freezer types are appropriate for such a home since parents will run the fridge as well, and the need for fresh food is always greater than the need for frozen food products.

Side-by-side fridges in India start at 500 liters, making them ideal for either extremely big families or couples who don’t mind the extra power consumption necessary to cool vast quantities of empty space in the fridge.

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