Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require a pillow with greater loft than that for back or stomach sleepers. And the pillow must be firm enough to prevent the head from sinking in completely. A shredded memory foam pillow meets both these criteria and offers many other benefits to side sleepers.

Let’s take a closer look at a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow and its benefits for side sleepers.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

What is a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

A zippered pillowcase holds the shredded memory foam. To change the loft and stiffness of the pillow, just adjust the amount of foam within the pillowcase.

As a result, it may be used as a pillow that can be adjusted.

You can assure the following by altering the height and stiffness of the pillow:

  • Adjust the height and hardness of the cushion to ensure that the spine is correctly positioned and that the head does not sink into it.
  • Better support: Memory Foam can completely suit your curves and give good support with the proper height and stiffness.

Other benefits of Shredded memory foam pillows for side sleepers

Enhanced Ventilation

Memory foam absorbs your body heat and utilizes it to become pliable and adapt to your head and neck shape.

However, this causes the cushion to heat up. A solid block of memory foam can’t adequately control temperature, so heat is stored inside the pillow and returned to the body, increasing night sweats symptoms.

In a shredded memory foam pillow, the foam is torn, allowing heated air from inside the cushion to escape. As a result, it is more effective at temperature regulation than a solid Memory Foam Pillow.

  1. Better Support

When sleeping, most individuals shift about a little. This might lead you to slip up or down on your pillow, reducing the neck support.

Memory foam, on the other hand, conforms to your neck’s contour. So your neck is nicely cushioned and suffers little tension even when you move about.

Better Alignment of Spine

Some classic pillows are overly soft or too firm, allowing your head to sink in or keeping it up too high. In either case, such pillows do not help to correct the spine.

As a result, your only alternative is to experiment with different cushion sizes and materials.

However, because memory foam is a hard substance, it keeps your head from sinking in, allowing your spine to align properly. You may also modify the height and stiffness of shredded memory foam pillows to achieve the right fit.


Memory foam, unlike standard pillow fillers like cotton, down, and feather is an extremely thick substance. Its density prevents dust from penetrating it, thus dust may be removed by vacuuming or wiping the surface with a towel.

And, because your pillow is free of dust and moisture, it is naturally resistant to dust mites and molds, both of which cause allergies.

Very  Durable

You could be concerned that a moldable material would become flat over time. Memory foam, on the other hand, is not like that. Memory foam keeps its form for the duration of its life. Even though it conforms to the curve of your body, as soon as you get off of it, it returns to its original shape.

Furthermore, the material is inherently dust, dust mite, and mold resistant. As a result, a high-quality memory foam cushion may easily last more than 5 years.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Cooling Gel Pillows for Side Sleepers

Shredded memory foam pillows with cooling gel are perfect for side sleepers who suffer from night sweats. You may make use of the benefits of cooling gel in addition to the benefits of shredded memory foam.

Cooling gel is a particular substance that inhibits the pillow’s heat from being transferred back to the body, resulting in a cooler experience. These pillows are ideal for people who live in hot climates or have nocturnal sweats.

There are two types of cooling gels:

  • Heat absorber: the gel absorbs heat and keeps it from returning to the body.
  • Phase-changing material: the gel absorbs heat and returns some of it, allowing the pillow’s temperature to be correctly regulated.


A pillow with more lofts is required for side sleepers than for back or stomach sleepers. The cushion should also be firm enough to keep the head from sinking altogether. A Shredded Memory Foam Pillow satisfies both of these requirements, as well as providing several other advantages to side sleepers.

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