The Growing Demand for Food Delivery Apps Like Foodpanda

Technology has transformed the market scenario and has changed us as consumers. Everything we need today is brought to us right where we are. Thanks to e-commerce apps that cater to all day-to-day needs of customers. Here, we are talking about the rise of the food delivery industry and how mobile apps like Foodpanda are making it thrive. We will also learn here about top foodpanda clones.

There are numerous apps that allow for ordering food from different eateries, without even requiring you to get out of home. However, Foodpanda’s mobile app has been able to impress people heavily. With its interesting features and a simple yet attractive user interface, Foodpanda’s app has indeed set a benchmark for its counterparts.

About Foodpanda

Foodpanda is a food delivery business that operates online and has grown to be a world renowned brand over time. It allows the customers to order via website or mobile app. It has successfully established itself in several parts of the world.

Have you ever wondered what the mantra of its huge success is?

This online food delivery platform has an extremely competent website and an app design that captivates attention right away. Foodpanda’s mobile app has been truly instrumental in its being able to carve a niche for itself. The app is picture heavy, and highlights the visual appeal of food. This enables users to place their orders faster without doubts and apprehensions. What’s even better for customers is that the entire buying process gets completed in a few taps.

Nonetheless, Foodpanda’s good app design accounts for only a little chunk of its huge overall success. It is its mode of operation that makes it so successful. Let’s check out how Foodpanda’s system of food delivery works.

  • An easily navigable website
  • App available on iOS and Android devices
  • Working of staff via mobile apps
  • Software programs for administrative tasks

The three levels at which Foodpanda’s mobile app functions

Foodpanda is a food delivery company that facilitates people to place orders for food over the internet. The process makes it easier for people to do so from not just the mobile app but also the website. The application works at following three levels for maximum efficacy.

  • At the level of customers –

Foodpanda mobile app has an engaging customer facing interface so that customers can use the app to its fullest potential and order food easily. The user is able to choose their food from a large selection of dishes, cuisines and restaurants. Besides, users can track their order without difficulty.

  • At the level of the delivery professionals

Foodpanda also proves to be a boon for people looking for a side hustle. Anyone can register with the app and can earn a few extra bucks. The hours you work and where you pick the orders from are all decided by you.

  • At the administrative level

Even service operators can take care of orders and manage restaurants in a more efficient manner. Whether they want to renew, accept or reject orders, they can do it without difficulty.

Looking at Foodpanda’s app will make you realize how important it is to have a professionally designed and easy to use interface.

Let’s now talk about the key factors that help an online food delivery business grow (taking cue from foodpanda’s success)-

  • Partner restaurants

It’s not important for a food delivery service’s restaurant partners to be established names. What’s important is how hygienic the food they serve and how delicious it tastes. It is these eateries that generate income for food delivery businesses. Even customers pay extra attention to restaurants that serve good food, and serve it in time.


  • Delivery professionals

When an eatery provides delicious food made from quality ingredients, it impresses customers—and that’s all very fine. But the quality of food won’t help if the delivery is too slow. Meaning, swiftness in delivery is extremely important and can determine the fate of a food delivery company.

  • Other aspects

The delivery should be quick, but not too expensive. And that is why having permanent staff isn’t a good idea for food delivery service providers; they should instead have delivery professionals who are available only when it is convenient for them to work. It’s also important that the delivery professionals don’t have to travel too long to get to their destinations.

Here is how a mobile food delivery app like foodpanda can help a food delivery business grow-

By efficiently meeting increased delivery demands during the COVID-19 scenario

Covid 19 has impacted people’s lives in myriad ways. Countries have put themselves under lockdowns and the scenario is precarious right now. And that is why it can be said that food delivery companies are enjoying an extremely high demand right now. More and more people are opting for home delivery of food due to various reasons. Hence, this is an opportune moment for entrepreneurs who wish to embark on the food delivery business. All they need is a properly optimized mobile app, and they will be able to handle more orders than ever.

Future is brighter for the food delivery industry

The food delivery industry has undergone a sea change during this pandemic. This is quite evident from the huge number of food delivery services that are cropping up almost everywhere in the world. This market has great potential and is poised for greater growth ahead. If you are already in the food delivery business, then a food delivery app could be a great aid for your business to prosper. Create a great app with a user-friendly interface, and your company will benefit immensely.

Focus on the right audience and put in efforts to build connections with them

With a good app, you will be able to entice users to place orders with you. The right offers and coupons will keep your stream of customers flowing. The times right now are extremely conducive for entrepreneurs. People are more conscious about their health and they want to be certain that the food they order for themselves is not unhygienic or contaminated. By having a good mobile app and a competent staff in addition to following Covid sensitive delivery practices, food delivery businesses can indeed dream of achieving the kind of success foodpanda enjoys.

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