Tips to Take Care of Eyelash Extension While Exercising

Fitness has become the first and foremost concern of people to stay fit and appear attractive. Especially, women are much inclined to exercise daily to get a toned physique of their choice.

Similarly, females prefer to have stylish and fashionable eyelash extensions fixed to get a fluttery and gorgeous outlook. If we ask them to choose between fitness and lash extension, then it would very difficult choice to make.

So, why not receive a much-needed style treatment at lash extension salon and do physical activities as well. 

Here, get to know certain tips to follow while having your lash extension on and still do the workout. It is simply to avoid an extra deal of sweat, oil, and heat to maintain the longevity of lashes.

Helpful Tips to Keep Volume of Lash while Hitting the Gym

1. Follow the 24-Hour Rule

The very first thing your lash extension expert does is to inform you about avoiding your lashes from getting wet for the next 24 hours. It is because of letting the glue dry out and extensions settle down for first. In general, lash glue requires at least a day’s time to cure that should not be treated with water, sweat, oil, or something. 

So, if you are ready to hit the gym to do your favoured workout, then try to receive the extension treatment two days before it. Doing this helps the lash glue perfectly adjusted. And, even the sweat comes at times of working out, then it will not affect the extension in any way. 

2. Do This Before Going to Gym

Another tip to remember before a hardcore gym session is to avoid applying creams or sunblocks on your forehead. These contain oil and when you sweat from the forehead, it goes straight to lashes. As a result, extensions lead to poor retention and premature loss in front of everyone. Instead of that, you can use a sealer 30-min before the workout to maintain the level of extensions with no effect of sweating. 

3. Avoid Rubbing of Eyes

Whenever you hit the gym, then sweat do comes out on your face and most people have the habit of rubbing off the eyes. Now, when you have eyelash extensions on, then avoid getting into such an act. It is important to note the fact that excessive rubbing on the eyes can lead to extension loss. 

4. Avoid Yoga or Hot Shower

Another thing to note is that heat and hot environmental further cause lash extension glue soften. It results in losing the extension at an early stage and further lead to your extension treatment loss. So, the better idea is to take a cold shower to let the extensions remain the same.

5. Thorough Cleaning
Last but one of the most important tips is to continue following your eyelash extension cleaning routine. Especially after the workout and coming back home, do remember to gently clean the eyes and extensions using a safe cleanser. Simply do it soon after the exercise session to avoid a breakdown of extension and further loss. 


Experience the combination of the daily routine of fitness at the gym and eyelash extension to catch the attention of others. Do follow fashionable and caring tips to avoid break down or loss of extensions during a gym session. Also, get in touch with an extension specialist to know more about caring tips and tricks. 

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