Upgrade your style with sandals for men

Where men’s fashion is concerned, the role that the right pair of shoes play in making an outfit distinctive and unforgettable is something that cannot and should not be challenged. Because, as frustrating as the fact is, the range in men’s clothing is pretty much limited to just pants and (t)shirts with slight differences between each type. So, good and strong footwear is the part of an attire that gives it a direction, helps you express your individuality and takes it from being drab and boring to being dapper, voguish, sophisticated, a statement or the next best thing you want it to be.

However, among footwear, sandals for men easily take the trophy of versatility. You name the occasion, and there is a design of sandals available that will perfectly suit it. And as it happens, most of us are not even aware of all the different types of sandals that the markets offer, and this, more than anything, acts as a major setback for your individual style and narrows down the room for experimentation considerably.

Use this list of sandals for men to give a much-needed upgrade to the contents of your shoe rack and revamp your personal style as you go:

  • Floaters- Floaters are easy to slip on, they stay in place as they have adjustable velcro closure, can withstand wear and tear like no other item plus, they are known for going very well with any and every kind of outfit. So on days when you’re feeling particularly lazy, just slip some leather floaters on with a pair of light wash denim and a polo neck tee and viola! There’s a dashing look. These sandals for men are a life-saver in the monsoons as they also come in waterproof and flexible materials like rubber and PVC.
  • Ethnic strap sandals- In order to bring all your modelesque outfit ideas to life, having a pair of these sandals for men in both closed-toed as well as open-toed designs in your collection is a must. They’re available with buckles as well as velcro for closure, in sturdy, long-lasting materials like PU for soles and classy-looking leather and nubuck body. Opt for a monochrome look with a black pathani set, pair it with ethnic sandals in tan or brown leather and be the man from every woman’s dreams!
  • Semi-casual fishermen sandalsHave you ever wondered what a mix between formal or chunky shoes and open, back strapped sandals would look like? Well, this is how- extremely sleek, comfortable and a la mode. These sandals have a stylish woven pattern of either leather or cushiony-soft fabric strips with small spaces between each, allowing your feet to breathe and be dry. Wear a blue suede or brown faux leather pair with khaki trousers, navy blue collared tee and you’re ready for a casual, fun outing!
  • Gladiators sandals- Originally called Caligae during the roman times, a modern and improved version of these sandals for men has the appearance of a shoe, a laced pattern in the front but adjustable velcro closure at the ankles. And, it is available in various types of attractive leathers like nubuck, suede and such. Put these on with anything from jeans to ethnic trousers and go about impressing everyone that rests eyes on you.

Now that you have a fair idea of what you were oblivious to and missing out on, still not stocking up on these fashionable, trendy sandals for men will just not do. Start shopping and leave the days of wearing the same shoes for every occasion behind you!

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