Why is Fortis Kalyan Mumbai the best Hospital for a liver transplant?

A liver transplant is a procedure where the diseased liver is replaced or transplanted with a healthy liver from a donor. When the lung fails to function properly, it causes severe internal damages. Because the liver in our body is one of the main functioning organs, negligence of this issue can cause failure in multiple organs, Hence death; sometimes it also happens that there is no donor available because liver availability is more petite. Therefore a number of people are waiting for a liver transplant.

The liver is the largest internal organ that plays a vital role in processing nutrients and hormones. It is responsible for making proteins that help in blood clotting. The liver removes bacteria, toxins from the blood. Therefore the liver prevents infection and regulates the immune system.


Why is a liver transplant done?

Basically, liver transplant is a treatment option for people where the liver stops functioning. And such conditions are unavoidable and uncontrolled. Hence liver failure may occur quickly or slowly depending upon the condition. If the liver disease is acute, it is easy to resolve with medications. But if liver disease is chronic, then symptoms are very slow and take years to reveal any sign. Hence chronic liver failure is hard to tackle. And it becomes an emergency. Chronic liver failure is also known as Cirrhosis. The major causes of Cirrhosis are Hepatitis, alcoholic Cirrhosis, genetic diseases, and non-alcoholic diseases.


However, it is essential to know which Hospital we must rush to in case of emergency. Because delaying the treatment during liver failure can cause serious health risks. But most of the time, people get blind where they should admit or consult for treatment? Which is the Best Hospital for liver transplants? Is there any hospital that gives the best service and facilities for liver failure?

Fortis hospital Kalyan, Mumbai, is renowned for its reputed and resilient services in the health regime. No introduction is needed. Fortis hospitals are well equipped with experts and doctors. Highly professional facilities and consultation is being provided. Hepatology Care at Fortis Hospitals is the famous branch given to the liver and related issues. Hence, they have developed one branch in Mumbai that helps patients with emergency recovery and gives responsive service. Their main concern involves the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas-related health problems. 


Top reasons why Fortis Kalyan Hospital Mumbai is best for liver transplant Cirrhosis –

The efficient team of Surgeons: Fortis Kalyan Mumbai has teams of expert surgeons, Which includes Anaesthetists, Care Specialists, Surgeons, Clinical Pharmacologists. They have multidisciplinary practice. A team of well-trained Nutritionists, Psychologists, Nurses, and Social workers, Not only do they have Hepatologists, Onco- Hepatologists but also Paediatric Hepatologists.


Extensive medical research: Their team focuses on providing a graceful and resilient approach to patient care. The exemplary practice of in-depth research and clinical operations make them the best Hospital for liver transplants. The team collaborates to find extensive and effective medical practice. The patients not only get satisfaction but are highly content with the hospital facilities. 


Advanced Technologies Used: Liver failure is a serious problem; hence no one can take a risk with normal technology. Hospitals have to be well equipped with the latest advanced technologies if they want to save the patient. Hence Fortis Kalyan Hospital Mumbai is best for liver transplants surgery. They provide treatment with the best and reformed advanced technology. Therefore the surgeons at Fortis Hospital Kalyan use innovative and high-performing technology. 


Cutthroat medical examination: Before pre-transplant, there is a series of medical examinations which are really important. Medical examinations include biochemistry analysis, radiology, tumor markers, CT scans, angiograms, endoscopy. There is no compromise in this procedure; hence it gives the best treatment to the patients struggling from liver failure. And this is performed by experts with perfect diagnoses.


Psychological support: Most of the time it happens when a patient discovers he/she has liver failure. At first, it gets difficult to consume reality. And to proceed with the treatment, the patient has to be mentally prepared. Therefore Fortis Kalyan Hospital Mumbai gives psychological support to the patients. Not only before the treatment, patients benefit from therapy, but after the operation, they get emotional and psychological support. 


Continuous check for liver donor: For any liver transplant operation, it is necessary to find a donor. And most of the time, it gets difficult to find one. Hence, Fortis Kalyan Hospital Mumbai runs special rounds and checkups for the availability of donors. Fortis Hospital has an efficient team for finding the best and fast donors for blood, heart, and liver. 


Highly qualified specialist: This is One of the prime reasons why Fortis Kalyan Hospital Mumbai is best for Cirrhosis. They have professionals who have not only clinical experience but also surgery. Delivering risk-free operations, they prioritize patients’ health first. Processing multidisciplinary practice Fortis Hospital is well equipped with experienced doctors. And this specialist holds international reputation and recognition.

Liver failure is surely a severe problem. No matter what, it is highly advised to take immediate action. In any case of emergency, patients must consult doctors and specialists. If you ever felt nausea, pain from internal organs should directly consult doctors because chronic liver failure shows symptoms slowly and reveals after years. In such conditions, Fortis Kalyan Mumbai is best for Cirrhosis. 


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