Can Hair Loss be Managed During Pregnancy?

The moms-to-be go through several disturbing situations as they experience sudden hair loss to a heavy extent. So, the experienced team of specialists in Fortis Hospital Kolkata is concerned about this issue and is trying hard to control hair loss in pregnant women. Although the stress in pregnancy is one of the crucial reasons for hair fall during pregnancy the presence of other hormones also contributes significantly to that. 

However, this article will discuss all the possibilities of avoiding hair loss that any pregnant lady can have. Moreover, medications as well as associated treatments are also jotted down here to make the readers acquainted with the helpful kind of stuff. 

How can hormonal change affect hair loss?

Well, it is known to us that pregnancy has a direct effect on hair loss. But, does anyone know that hormones are mainly responsible for hair loss? If not, then understand that hair thinning occurs as a result of certain shock that is experienced by the woman in her pregnancy phase. So, a certain kind of situation is termed telogen effluvium. Normally, the phase of the first trimester is difficult for the mother as the hormones change their course for allowing the baby to grow properly.

Since hormonal change gives enormous shock to the new mother; she tends to lose hairs abnormally for a few days. Likewise, instead of 100 hairs, it is expected to notice 300 hairs falling out. Still, hair thinning won’t be much noticeable on the initial days but only after two months or so the change can be felt. Following that, hormonal change isn’t permanent and so does the hair fall.

What is postpartum hair loss?

During pregnancy, women can have regular hair shedding and this might occur before four months of having delivery. Many women can become prey to depression due to such heavy hair loss. Following that, this sort of hair fall occurs because of an impact on the estrogen hormone.

Although, pregnant women turn conscious when they notice unimaginable hair loss there is nothing serious about it. This is because such a condition can become normal simply and no treatment is demanded. 

Iron Deficiency and Hair loss –

There is a possibility of iron deficiency in pregnant women and that can become a prime contributor to hair loss. So, this kind of situation arises when an ample amount of blood cells don’t work for transmitting blood to other important organs in the body. Before that, the victim may become prone to fatigue as well as respiratory diseases might occur along with major hair loss issues. However, anemia can also be the worst consequence that pregnant women face during pregnancy. Mostly, women who are going through a phase of multiple pregnancies, as well as, morning sickness can develop this sort of issue. 

Therefore, proper screening, as well as diagnostic techniques like blood tests, becomes prominent in reducing the issues with anemia and also give a solution for hair loss. Most importantly, understanding the dietary changes and involving iron content in diet can be quite helpful.

Major Causes of hair loss in pregnant women –

Well, we can understand that hair fall isn’t that normal during pregnancy and is caused due to several factors. But, this is not any disease in itself, and hair restoration can rightly begin after pregnancy. But, let us view certain important causes that are responsible for major hair loss at the times of pregnancy. These reasons can be the following:

  • Health issues like that of thyroid can be followed by pain in the body when the lady is pregnant. Now, hair loss becomes quite common when cramps and constipation are held out by hormonal imbalance. However, after the childbirth, the symptom of the thyroid may sustain too and cause harm to the body. 
  • Rheumatic arthritis might also be one of the top contributors to hair loss issues in women when they are pregnant. Catching up with hair loss can also occur due to hereditary facts.

Thus, sufficient iron content, as well as health problems such as thyroid, are the prime reasons for women to lose hair during their pregnancy time. It is assumed that just proper health care as well as medications is the only way out to resolve the issue. 

Major Treatments for Hair loss during Pregnancy –

There are no absolute medications available with the doctors to treat this condition. This is just because hair loss is not a disease to be cured and it is just a particular phase of pregnancy. But, remedies can be performed in your home for getting rid of hair loss and controlling the same with ease. These treatments include the following:

  • Treatment concerning Hair loss in pregnancy consists of taking proper note of dietary requirements. Following that, the diet must include the inclusion of enormous fruits as well as green leafy vegetables for helping the mother as well the child healthy. This will make the hair follicles strong and prevent them from falling now and then.
  • Providing nourishment to the hairs is considered the topmost priority for the Fortis Hospital, Kolkata. This involves massaging the hairs with virgin coconut well and avoiding chemicals for replenishing the hairs. Prenatal vitamin intake can be truly helpful for the hairs during the pregnancy phase. 
  • Without relying on expensive products, treatment concerning hair loss in pregnancy might also involve depending on shampoos as well as conditioners that make the hair feel bouncy. 

Therefore, a pregnant lady can also go for short hair cuts to help their hair from being reduced. Even applying oil regularly will equally help.

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