Imperative Factors Of Custom Takeout Boxes

Do you want to know why we need Custom Takeout Boxes? It’s because people go out for dinner or order food. Instead of bringing home the dishes, they bring home empty Styrofoam boxes that have so all the air can fit in. The point is not to complain about our love for containers. Instead, understand their importance in how to pack takeout food.

Why Do We Need Takeout Boxes?

Takeout boxes are disposable receptacles used to contain some product before being given to a consumer temporarily. Reusable shopping bags may be friendly options for eating outside the house. Takeout containers are essential for getting food from restaurants and fast food chains with sit down services.

You can make takeout boxes with paperboard (a type of fiberboard). It is a relatively inexpensive material. Paperboard is commonly recyclable. It can be pulped and recycled into new paper products.

The containers are usually flat or folded rectangular boxes. Their four locking style flaps on the top fold to close the box after filling the interior. They can also serve as storage for leftovers if they are still full when returned home.

Important Features About Takeout Boxes 

A takeout box can be used at a variety of social events. The most common use is to deliver food items from a restaurant or cafe to the homebound customer. It usually prevents spills and adjusts large orders. Takeout boxes are also used to deliver prepared meals from;

  • Grocery stores, supermarkets, Delis, Cafeteria, Bakeries, Caterers, Buffets, Etc. 

Features of Custom Printed Takeout Boxes

While no industry standards govern the size and design of Custom Printed Takeout Boxes. However, you can find more features on certain containers than others.

Flat-bottom shape with an open top

These measurements are the smallest end pieces to accommodate standard serving sizes. You can use them when the items need to stand upright (for example, an ice cream cone).

Rounded corners

You can get these dimensions in the largest size of single portion takeout boxes. The purpose is to prevent damage during storage and delivery.

Scoring for folding

This type of scoring allows a box to fold into a smaller form for transport and storage. The scores typically line up. So that when the bottom panel folds upward, one side panel overlaps the other by half its width.

Locking flaps or handles

Generally made from card stock, these features allow customers to easily carry away their food items without using another container.

Perforated top 

The perforated card stock can remove and discard by the customer. This feature is necessary to prevent contamination when transporting beverages (such as milkshakes or fruit juices) with straws, spoons, lids, and other items.

Lined interiors

A lined interior containing spills is another vital feature for takeout boxes for drinks and liquids.

Bio-based materials

While not yet widely available, bio-based packs are becoming more popular with consumers who want greener packaging choices without sacrificing performance. Examples of this material include:

  • Paperboard made from recycled materials
  • The coated board made 100% recycled content
  • Etc.

Choices/Sizes for Packaging

A variety of sizes are available for takeout boxes. Beyond the size that best fits your food item, you should choose a box that will hold up well during carrier. However, it does not interfere with the customer’s ability to carry it away from the restaurant or store. Hence there are no industry standards governing container design. Some companies provide guidelines on minimum box weights, carrying capacities, etc. You must think how your choice of takeout container will affect your environmental footprint.

  1. The smallest size suggested for most takeout containers is 3″ x 4″. It can adapt:
  • Small soup bowls
  • Side dishes such as pasta salads
  • Desserts like cupcakes
  • Fruit slices
  • Small sandwiches
  1. A slightly larger size is 4″ x 5″. It can accommodate a single-serving entree such as a cheeseburger or grilled chicken sandwich or snacks like potato chips or pretzels.
  2. The next size is 5″ x 6″, which would package most hot dogs and hamburgers. It will also fit gyros, falafel wraps, and pita sandwiches.
  3. The largest standard takeout container size is 7″ x 8″. It fits most kids’ meals, large portions such as an extra-large pasta dish with meatballs and sausage. If you’re serving pizzas cut into small slices, this box may also work for small party pizzas.

Takeout Box Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of Takeout Boxes Wholesale. Each supplier offers various products. So you should look closely at the features offered by multiple companies. It helps you choose the right type for your business. 

Visit their website to find everything from grease resistant paperboard boxes to printed corrugated cartons designed to hold soup bowls or hot/cold beverage tumblers. Sign up for their e-mail updates featuring coupons, promotions, new product announcements, etc.  

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