Importance of industrial automation in industry 4.0

Process optimization increases performance, productivity and saves time, which makes industrial automation essential in Industry 4.0, offering multiple advantages and benefits to companies in this sector.

This has caused industrial automation companies such as ElectricidadBeviá to have become very important in recent years in this sector, helping to automate industrial processes in the most efficient way.

If you have an industrial company and you are interested, in this post we will tell you what industrial automation is and why it is so important. Take note.

What is industrial automation?

Industrial automation consists of the application of machines and mechanisms capable of carrying out all kinds of production processes automatically and effortlessly. In addition, with the minimum intervention of professionals, since the machinery is controlled by a computer. Therefore, without the need to be present in the production process.

The automation of industrial processes allows the automatic control of mechanical tasks that would otherwise require great efforts and a large number of personnel. This represents a significant saving of time and an increase in productivity, as well as the minimization of errors.

Why is industrial automation so important?

The industrial automation increases business efficiency dramatically. It allows reducing the number of professionals needed to carry out certain industrial production tasks, saving a great deal of time and reducing time. After all, the automation of industrial processes always guarantees the best results.

Industrial automation companies are key in this important process. Next, we are going to tell you the main advantages of industrial automation so that you understand why it really is so important.

Improve productivity

Possibly the greatest benefit of industrial automation is that it vastly improves productivity. In this way, we achieve greater efficiency and reduce the time required to carry out the most repetitive industrial tasks.

With automation you can repeat the same task over and over again without failure, something that is much more complicated when using people to perform these tasks. Sometimes tiredness increases the risk of making mistakes.

Reduce costs

The automation of industrial processes also reduces costs considerably. A smaller number of professionals is required to carry out the same task. In addition, by increasing productivity and efficiency, it allows you to make a profitable investment in a short time.

Industrial automation companies design automated systems to save energy, allowing for greater energy efficiency and savings.

Increase quality

The industrial automated machines increase the quality of processes. Thus, they achieve excellent results and reduce errors, since by not requiring human intervention, the risk of error is reduced.

Competitive advantage

In a sector where competition is increasing, automated industrialization is a great competitive advantage. It not only allows to increase the rate of production, but also to improve quality and, ultimately, offer a better service.

Greater control

Another very prominent advantage is that automation offers greater control of all processes. It allows to monitor in real time all the data related to the production process. In this way, any unforeseen, anomaly or decrease in productivity is detected immediately and automatically. In this way, appropriate measures can be taken to solve it quickly.


Another advantage that helps us understand the true importance of industrial automation is safety, since automation reduces the risks of occupational accidents, since human intervention is reduced, which is a peace of mind for the company. And to this we must also add that the increase in security reduces the number of sick leave, another great advantage to take into account.

These are the main advantages of industrial automation that make its importance clear. Thus, they have allowed industrial automation companies to be going through a period of great demand.

ElectricidadBevia, the solution for the industrial automation of your company

At ElectricidadBevia we are at your disposal for the automation of your company’s industrial machinery, in order to increase efficiency and productivity, improve product quality, reduce production times …

ElectricidadBevia is an electrical installation company specialized in industrial automation, where we manufacture customized machines that adapt to the needs of each company, increasing production efficiency and helping your company to be much more competitive in the market.

We will carry out a preliminary analysis to study the possibilities of automating the industrial processes of your company. Then we will proceed to the design of customized machinery with which to automate the most repetitive processes. In addition, we offer you advice and we will take care of maintenance and possible repairs.

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