Tips for a first-rate car wash

Many are the times in which we have approached a gas station and after refueling, we have thought about washing our vehicle, either under gun wash, or in automatic washing machines. For all those people who like to have their car clean inside and out, in this article, we are going to give a series of tips for a long-lasting and high-quality wash, as well as polishing it. So, if you have a matte, dull, worn and dull car you can put an end to this situation.

The first thing we must do is wash our car and say goodbye to dirt, for this it is advisable to first give it a review with the pressure water gun, in areas where the car wash does not remove the remains of dirt 100%. One of these areas is, for example, in the wheel wells, since waste materials accumulate, such as mud, stuck stones and all kinds of dirt.

The pressurized water comes out with great force, so it is advisable that you keep a safe distance so as not to damage the paint. There is some dirt that resists this type of cleaning, for example, the remains of insects. For this we must help the pressure gun with other complementary materials, for example paper or a disposable sponge.

Once the first cleaning with the water gun is done, we proceed to put our car in the car wash. The car washes generally have several types of programs. Depending on the type of program, we have a series of characteristics. For example, one of the advantages that exist in car washes is the so-called “active foam”, which is a foam that easily removes the remains of dirt that other foams do not remove. After the washing and drying process, we must dry by hand, the small residual drops that have remained on mirrors, glass and others. In our facilities, we have rolls of paper so that everyone can leave with the perfect car.

After a general cleaning of this type, it is normal that the imperfect or scratches are more visible, such as the superficial scratches of the door handles. You can hide these imperfections with polishing paste. This paste must be applied to the bodywork with a cloth that is not microfiber, but as compact as possible. Although to get the maximum shine to your car, the ideal is to put ourselves in the hands of a body shop. Keep in mind that a well-cared paint is not only the best business card for your vehicle, it also protects it from corrosion. Before applying any product to polish your car, you must cover the plastic elements of your car with paper or adhesive tape to avoid collateral damage.

Care must be taken with regard to sheet metal and paint according to the life of the vehicle, that is, the paint of a new car looks as if it were completely smooth. But after 3 years you can see the first traces of time, since the surface of the painting is no longer smooth, but there are small valleys and elevations.

If the body color of your vehicle is a worn matte color, there is no use washing it, to restore its shine you will have to put yourself in the hands of professionals. Finally, car ceramic pro is the best option for you.

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