Know the Difference Between Storage Geyser and Instant Geyser

Geysers and water heaters have made our lives significantly better. Getting warm water in the colder months is made possible using these electrical appliances, which are now available at affordable rates from various sites. The water heating industry has grown tremendously in the past. This development has resulted in the development of several different types of water heaters. However, geysers continue to rule the market mainly due to the convenience that they offer.

However, how many of us are aware of the difference between instant geysers and storage geysers? This article will help you compare instant geysers with storage geysers based on different factors such as power consumption, heating duration, and maintenance costs required.

What is an instant water geyser?

As the name suggests, this appliance is useful for heating water quickly and instantly. Since this heater is capable of heating water quickly and in less time, the power consumption of this geyser is significantly lower than that of a storage heater.

Instant geysers do not require a tank for heating water, making them compact and easy to carry. Instant geysers are commonly used in domestic and small-scale industries. Let us study the advantages and disadvantages of instant geysers.

 Advantages of instant geysers-

  • They consume less power than storage geysers.
  • They are suitable for small spaces and areas.
  • They come in a variety of sizes.
  • They have little maintenance costs.

 Limitations of instant geysers-

  • They require a considerable amount of electricity to heat water, thus putting an instant load on the system.
  • They have a limited capacity for heating water.

Where to use instant geysers

  • You can fit instant geysers in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • They are suitable for small-sized families.

You can purchase a Candy instant geyser online and read through the capacity and power consumption details on the official Candy Appliances website.

What is a storage Geyser?

What makes a storage geyser stand out from an instant geyser is its huge capacity. However, this great capacity also increases its power consumption.

These types of geysers come with a storage tank to heat massive quantities of water. These geysers provide better stability and are used in commercial spaces.

 Advantages of using Storage Geysers

  • They can heat more quantities of water than an instant geyser.
  • These geysers have an increased storage capacity.

 Disadvantages of Storage Geysers

  • These types of geysers consume huge amounts of electricity as compared to instant geysers.
  • Storage geysers have an increased size as compared to instant geysers.

 Where to use storage geysers

  • You can use storage geysers in commercial industries.

Difference between an instant geyser and storage geyser- Explained Through a Table

Difference Instant Water Geyser Storage Water Geyser
Capacity 1-2 litres. Lesser than storage geysers. 10-50 litres
Size and Space Occupied Occupy very little space. Due to their tank sizes, they occupy a bigger space.
Power Consumption Consumes less power High power consumption
Heating Time Can heat water within seconds. Can heat water at a slower rate than instant geysers.
Maintenance Do not require much maintenance and are long lasting for upto 20 years. They can last for about 12 years.
Price They cost less than storage geysers. They are priced higher than instant geysers.

 Which is better to use?

Both types of geysers have different advantages and disadvantages for their users. For example, a geyser with a higher capacity will occupy more space and vice versa. So, selecting the right kind of geyser as per your requirement is essential. For instance, you can use instant geysers in smaller bathrooms, whereas a large storage geyser is ideal for larger areas and bathrooms.

The prices of each type of geyser will depend on the functionality and design of the product. As a user, you can visit different sites selling geysers and look into various aspects before getting one for yourself. This way, you can also purchase a suitable water geyser online without any hassle.

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