Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Printer

Commercial printing company can answer just about any of your printing woos.  When you ask the correct questions you will always get the correct answers.  Think about your questions well and get it together, your commercial printing project needs you to be.
Before asking anyone else you need to ask yourself a few things as well to keep you organized.

1. What prints do you have in mind?

Have a general list of all the printing stuff you need.  Do you need folders, inserts and business cards?  These prints put together can form as a package with your printers and save you a few bucks.  Have all your print needs done in one transaction.

2. How many prints do you really need?

With most printers, if not all give special discounts on bulk prints.  The more prints you require the better for your savings.

3. Are you thinking of having your prints changed soon?

If your prints will be changed on it won’t be needed anymore after a few weeks you hand it out, give your self some savings and use cheaper printing materials.  If you are to use your prints for some years then that is the time to invest on it and use the high grade materials.

Once you have answered yourself, it is time to start asking questions.  You will probably have other questions but try to make sure that some of the questions here are included.

4. Do you have certain printing methods?

If they can tell you various printing methods then they are definitely a good professional printer, if they can personalize and tell you the best printing method for you then that’s a keeper.

5. What packages will suit my printing needs?

In line with the printing method, your printers must be also able to give you a good personalized package depending on your need, budget and requirements (after listening to you of course).  By this time you should have already clarified what all your printing requirements and your ideas and they should have told you if it is feasible and if it can work on your budget.

6. Should I have difficulty with my program, will you be able to assist me in my art designing?

The answer here should be yes but it is not a requirement.  Not all printers can afford to assist you especially if they have so much print jobs and very limited man power.  This is a good sign if they are willing to give you time to help you create your designs.  Try to get your own professional designer if you really need someone to design for you.

7. How long will it take you to make the prints?

The turnaround time is important so you can plan how much you should require to be printed at a certain time frame.  If you need prints the next day, it is best to let your printers know as soon as possible.  Rush prints will have an additional fee.

8. Can you show me some of your actual previous work?

They should be able to hand you a few, the best samples should be those close to what you require so you can see how well they can print.  If any of their prints look lousy, you may want to think twice.

Any Commercial printing company will always have sets or templates already in place but if you require a more personal print that will give you the right branding, you need to customize your commercial printing.  Make sure you focus on customized commercial printing.

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